Why does the government regulate some of the business system in your country?

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In any country, there is a fundamental need to sustain as much production as possible in order to feed the population. Government-controlled price-support systems are often put in place to guarantee a certain amount of commodity production. These systems stabilize income for farmers, who supply essential crops, and they allow for competition in domestic and global marketplaces.

blah blah blah.... pretty much, it's to protect the common good of all the citizens in our country
which it doesnt do so they screwed that up
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How does the government regulate business today?

The government regulates businesses by Taxes and regulations, despite the laissez-faire act, that was a hands off rule. bessiness got out of hand with cartels and monopolies,
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Why does the government regulate some of the business systems in our country?

Corporations and enterprises which conduct their routine business across state lines nationwide require an overall regulation by a central authority otherwise they would be su