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because the winter is not facing the sun as long as the summer

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Q: Why does the hours of daylight change from summer to winter?
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How many hours of daylight in antarctica in the winter?

Antartica has two seasons , summer and winter. in the summer it has six months of daylight but in the winter it has six months darkness, therefore in the winter antartica has no daylight hours ,but 24 hours of darkness.

How many hours of sunlight are there during the day in the winter and summer in Antarctica?

In summer generally, there are 24 hours of daylight; in winter there are generally zero hours of daylight.

What happens to the length of daylight as you go from winter to summer?

There are more hours of daylight in a day during summer than there are in winter.

What are the hours of daylight in autumn and in spring in Antarctica?

same as summer and winter!

How many day light hours in winter in England?

it varies but we get about 8 hours daylight in winter extending to about 16 hours in summer

Are there more daylight hours on summer days than on winter days?


Why are there more hours of daylight in summer than there are in winter?

in the summer longer days in winter the days grow shorter

Why do you get more hours of daylight per day in the summer?

We more sun in summer, and more dark in winter.

Does the antarctic and the north pole have 24 hours of daylight and darkness?

Yes, complete daylight in the summer to complete darkness in the winter.

How do daylight hours differ in equinox and solstice?

On a solstice, there are the exact same amount of daylight hours and night hours. However on an equinox, there are either more daylight hours or night hours depending what equinox it is (summer or winter).

How many hours of daylight are there on winter solstice?

The Winter Solstice has 8 hours of daylight.

How many hours of daylight in winter and summer is there in Antarctica?

On the Antarctic continent, depending on where you are, you will have at least one 24-hour period of no daylight in winter and at least one 24-hour period of no sunset in summer.

What are the hours of daylight in winter and summer in Seattle?

¿Porque no me la pelas vien rapido way?

Why do we have more hours of daylight in the summer and less in the winter?

b/c the earth axis is tilted.

What is the time difference between Calif and Hawaii?

In the winter, the time difference is 2 hours. In the summer, it is 3 hours. Hawai'i does not change for Daylight Savings Time, hence the discrepency.

How many hours of daylight does Antarctica get in the winter?

Antarctica receives zero hours of daylight in the winter.

Do you have longer hours of daylight in winter or in summer?

The Daylight hours in the summer are longer than in the Winter. The Summer Solstice of the Northern Hemisphere is the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere (the half of the globe that contains the United States and Europe). The Winter Solstice of the Northern Hemisphere is the shortest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere.

Is there ever a day when the daylight hours and night time hours are the same the world over?

Yes - at the summer and winter equinox

In what season do you have more hours in daylight?

In the summer you have more hours in daylight.

How many hours of daylight does Washington receive in the winter and the summer?

During and around the winter solstice, Washington DC sees approximately 9.5 hours of sunlight every day. During and around the summer solstice, the city enjoys around 16 hours of daylight every day.

How many hours of daylight do the arctic have?

depends on the time of year, the answer is anywhere from 24 hours of sunshine in summer to 0 hours of sunshine in winter

How much daylight does Philadelphia get throughout the year?

about 12 hours a day more in summer, less in winter

Is daylight hours shorter for the hemisphere tilted toward the sun during solstice?

There are two solstice's every year one in winter and one in summer. The hemisphere tilted away from the sun will be having its winter solstice and will have its shortest daylight hours meanwhile on the other hemisphere people will be having their summer solstice and have long daylight hours. peanuts

Why does the length of daylight change from day to day?

The same reason we have seasons. It is this same rotation that causes daylight to occur for shorter periods of time during the winter (longer daylight hours during summer months) the further from the equator you travel.

How may hours does day last for?

That depends on your location and the date. On average, you get 12 hours of daylight; more in the summer, but less in the winter.