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Why does the media portray beautiful as being impossibly skinny?

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Because the public allows it. If we all, collectively started saying that those people look as though they had just come down with a terrible disease and refuse to watch them on TV, movies or buy their music, the image would change. The public buys their stuff, and that keeps the media pushing what they think we want.

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Is being skinny important?

Being physically fit is important. Being skinny, no.

How does the media play a role on the young females body image?

The media portray young women as skinny, usually white, has perfect facial features as being beautiful and sexy. This educates young girls to believe that this image is what they need to look like to get recognised. This leads to anorexia, depression and all kinds of illnesses.

Is being skinny the only way of being beautiful?

Well Yes but not to skinny a nice healthy weight would do because no one realy goes are look a that hot girl when shes fat. but this doesnt mean being anorexic or nothing like that, just a healthy weight will do.

How to get skinny in 2 days for being 10?

Have a

Can being skinny affect your period?

Being skinny will not really affect your periods unless you are anemic.

What is a positive sentence with the word skinny in it?

i love being skinny.

Does being skinny make you look taller?

usually you look taller when your skinny

Is there a saint named Naomi?

Yes, in fact, there was a saint named Naomi. It is a very, very beautiful name for a beautiful, holy saint. She, along with her daughter-in-law, Ruth, are thought to portray some of the first genuine examples of "sticking together", and being loyal.

Is being skinny bad?


Which is better a tall skinny or short fat water heater?

I would say tall and skinny because you can be a modle if you are and sometimes it better being skinny

Is being to skinny unhealthy?

if you have small bone structure and you were born skinny, than no. if your body type is to be chubby or slightly chubby, then don't try to be skinny.

What do you notice about 'skinny' rectangles?

"Skinny" rectangles have two of their opposite sides being much longer than their other two sides.

Do you have to be skinny to be a ballarina?

no, you only have to love what your doing. if someone wont accept you because of the way you look or your wieght its their loss. being skinny is not being talanted

Can skinny people perform exercises better than overweight people?

There a more than likely chance, but being more to being physical fit than being skinny, so there also a chance that fat people can perform exerices better than skinny people.

Explain why being skinny is bad?

Being skinny isn't bad at all! What people mean when they say that is, just because you're skinny doesn't mean you don't have to eat healthy foods or excersise like the rest of us. As long as maintain a healthy balance of life, there's nothing wrong with being skinny; most people would envy you!

Are you better off being slim or being fat?

slim but not supper skinny

Why is being skinny the only way to get a boyfriend or guys to even speak to you?

Because we like fit or skinny girls

What is a sentence for the word skinny?

She went skinny dipping this weekend.She was so skinny that for her own good she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act for being severely anorexic.Skinny girls are bony and uncomfortable to hug.

What should be a weakness for modeling?

You have to keep being skinny

Why was Medusa unpopular in spite of being beautiful?

Why was medusa ubpopular in spite of being beautiful

What does it mean you dream that you are skinny?

It means that you are actually fat and just want to be skinny becaues you are obese. So go exercise, stop eating, and then you wont have to dream about being skinny.

Is being too skinny bad?

yes because you need food to make your body move and if you are too skinny you will die

What if you are in denial about being to skinny?

Then you are in denial. It is not bad to think that you aren't skinny, but if you think you are fat, then you need to set yourself straight.

What is the song life is beautiful about?

Life being beautiful

Why do you blame your self for not being skinny?

because think that it is your fault for being fat or skinny thanks like that made me feel better im only ten years old!

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