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Because she is milking her babies with her tiny nipples. By : Samantha Taylor - Rubyring123

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โˆ™ 2008-12-01 23:09:12
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Q: Why does the mom lie on her baby hamsters?
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Why do mom hamsters eat their yong?

if you touch the baby hamster's mom thinks they have a disease and eats the baby

When can you take away the baby hamsters from their mom?

when they start fighting the mom, mom will let you know when its time.

Can you touch your baby hamsters?

no, the mom might abandon them or eat them if you do.

Did shakera have her baby?

shakira did not have her baby it was just a lie according to my mom

Why do babies hump their mom?

Baby hamsters are born deaf, blind, and hairless. Not only do baby hamsters hump at their mother, but also at their siblings. Research has shown that this is just a territorial or a dominance trait of baby hamsters..

When to take baby hamsters away from their mom?

6 weeks old

Can you put baby hamsters with a new mom?

no! they need their mothers milk.

What do you do for mom hamsters to not eat there babies?

Don't touch the baby hamsters because she'll smell your scent and eat them out of fear.

How long do baby hamsters need to be with mom?

3-weeks to 4 weeks!

When do you remove the baby hamsters from their mom?

after about 8 to 9 weeks so their livable

What age does a baby hamsters have to be before the mom will let you hold it with out eating it?

8888888888888888888888888888888888888 weeks

Do baby hamsters usually eat there mom?

No. If anything it would be the other way around.

When do you take baby hamsters from there mother?

After they're at least a month old or the mom will bite you

How many hamsters standing shoulder on shoulder does it take to reach the moon?

but if its baby hamsters your dealing with it would take 78,012,021,514,44584 no lie if you add the manquitity of 2,282,764,988==

If the mom hamster died how long should the baby hamsters be kept together?

About 6 weeks.

What are baby hamsters called?

Baby hamsters are called "pups".

Do mom hamsters kill dad hamsters?


How old do baby hamsters have to be when you can hold them?

they have to have fur in order for you to hold them or the mom will not reconize it as its own. trust, i been through this

Will baby hamsters eat new baby hamsters?

No they won`t.

Can you touch teddy hamsters babiesat 2 weeks old?

Most baby hamsters are able to be touched at 2 weeks old. If you touch them when they are younger the mom might eat them.

How long do newborn hamsters need moms milk?

they need to stay with there mother for at least 5-8 weeks, but if i had baby hamsters, I would keep them with there mom for 8 weeks.

Do hamsters lose their baby teeth?

no hamsters dont have baby teeth -bb

Why do baby hamsters eat other baby hamsters?

If they are hungry and are annoyed by their siblings

Can hamsters have baby tomartos to eat?

Hamsters can eat baby tomatoes, its good for them

Do baby hamsters sleep a lot when they're not with their mom?

most of the time no matter what they are always half sleeping because they are noctural