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because Doodle can't walk and his legs was really weak

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The narrator pulls Doodle in a cart so that they can spend time together and bond since Doodle has physical limitations that make walking long distances difficult for him. It also allows them to explore the world around them at a slower pace and allows Doodle to feel included in outdoor activities.

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Doodle was born invalid and his legs are way too weak to walk or hold his own body up, so his father made him a "go-cart" to ride in.

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Q: Why does the narrator pull Doodle in a cart?
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Why does the narrator pull doodle in a cart in 'The Scarlet Ibis'?

The narrator pulls Doodle in a cart to help him learn how to walk because Doodle has trouble walking due to his physical limitations. The narrator wants to teach Doodle how to walk before the first day of school to avoid embarrassment.

The narrator pulls Doodle in a cart because?

Doodle is too weak to walk long distances due to his physical disabilities. The narrator feels responsible for Doodle's well-being and wants to include him in activities despite his limitations. Using the cart allows Doodle to participate and feel included.

Why does the narrator feel burdened by Doodle?

The narrator, Doodle's brother, feels burdened by him because he is embarrassed by Doodle's physical limitations and feels that Doodle is holding him back. He wants Doodle to be more like other children and resents having to take care of him.

When the narrator teaches doodle to walk the narrator believe that?

When the narrator teaches Doodle to walk, the narrator believes that a. it will free him from Doodle b. he can teach Doodle to do other things, too c. his parents will appreciate him more d. Doodle will abandon him

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How do you make cart in Doodle God?

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What is Doodle God combination for cart?

Wood + Wheel = Cart

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Why does the narrator want Doodle to learn how to walk?

The narrator was embarrassed that Doodle couldn't walk at the age of five.

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How old was the narrator when Doodle was born in 'The Scarlet Ibis'?

The narrator was six years old when Doodle was born in 'The Scarlet Ibis'.