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There is an orifice in the primer assy. in the carb. that is plugged. You will have to remove and clean the primer assy.


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You have the letters out of order. HMSK100 for horizontal medium-frame Snow King for a snow thrower engine for dual stage machines. Look to the link at the bottom for a manual; generally destroy the keeper, remove the old bulb and use a socket to drive in the new keeper (and bulb.)

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You can buy a snow thrower on A snow thrwer costs $169.99.

how to replace a starter rope on an mtd snow thrower

What engine is on this snow thrower I know it is a Briggs&Stratton engine but I need to know the model number.

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These instructions are for a MTD 31A-32AD706 2-stage snow thrower, and may vary, depending on the model of your MTD snow thrower. Follow the cable from the auger control handle to a metal bracket on the [left] side of the snow thrower. There are 2 bolts that need to be loosened (removal is not necessary) which will allow the bracket to slide forward and backward. To add tension, slide the slide the bracket forward, to the front of the snow thrower and tighten the bolts when you achieve the desired tension.

Murray makes it, Briggs and Stratton makes the motor

Google says 357cc is equal to 13 H.P.

you do not check the oil in the engine and the engine gets too hot

250cc= about 15.25ci. For conversions you can google "cubic centimeters to cubic inches conversion" and you should get a few links to conversion calculators.

It depends on the size of your blower. But Tecumseh, B&S and Honda seem to be popular motors for snow blowers.

Most snow blowers don't have air filters because not much dust in the winter time.

John Deere and Snapper are the two most reliable, nationally-known snow thrower brands. Husqvarna is another good choice and is just as good but not as recognized. Troybuilt and Craftsman are 2 popular brands of snow throwers/blowers that also offer accessories. You can find them online at

2461m -38" 2462m - 38" 3252m - 42"

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I found some of them at It is paid service but no one has it but them.

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