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Why does the radio not turn off on a 2000 Oldsmobile intrigue?


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Button broken? Original Delco stereos notorious for unreliability. I put a Sony system in my Intrigue when the Delco cassette player crapped out a few years ago.


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The 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue turn signal flasher control module is below the dashboard on the drivers side of the passenger compartment. The signal flasher control module should be labeled as such.

Probably part of the hazard warning module - part of the hazard switch

Its in your manuel. Turn key to start wait ten mins and then turn off then turn on it should reset. if not take to dealer.

If the AC is Blowing cold and turn off and on, the AC/heater control switch is bad. Replace it on eBay for around fifty dollars. Work great now.

The relay panel on the 2000 Oldsmobile Alero is under the steering column and above the brake pedal. The relay pops out with a screwdriver.

disconnect the battery for ten minutes, then reconnect. turn over key, do not start, leave key in run position for like a minute, take it out for ten seconds, and try to start. If it doesnt start try again without disconnecting battery. That is how i bypassed the security in my 2000

There is a switch on dashboard next to the fuel door and trunk switch.

Turn your key to on, but don't turn the engine on. Pump the gas peddle three times slow and steady under 10 seconds that is. And then turn on the car and the light should go out!

Unplug the whole light assembly from the bottom front of the car it just pops out to replace the turn signal bulb-same on the rear but you have to remove the trunk lining first.

It is integrated with the hazard flasher switch on the dash. I've heard the easiest access is to remove the A/C vents, but never tried it.

not sure what causes it, but sometimes my signals will just not work. with lever still in position to activate signal, push button for hazards. then put signal lever in "off" position. turn off hazards. signals should work. temporarily anyway.

its part of the 4 way flasher its all one unit now

In order to unlock the radio of a 2000 Sonoma, first start the car. Then turn on the radio. Using the minute and hour buttons, enter the code that you already have. Then, press the AM/FM button.

Obviously get more fuel for the tank. You want to turn the ignition on but without turning the car over. When you do this listen for a whirring at the back of the vehicle . Verifying pump operation. Rinse and repeat 3-5 times . Then turn the motor over and start vehicle. If the vehicle does not start , continue to prime with the ignition and try again to start

how to installing a turn light switat in 1995 Oldsmobile ciera

The sockets for the front turn signal often get too hot and fail on these cars. Bad design. They half melt and have a bad connection.

it sounds like a bad flasher which is directly behind the switch/button that is used to turn four ways on

Turn That Radio On was created in 1991.

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