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The main reason is that skin is alive and hair is dead. Melanin is the dark brown pigment produced by your skin to absorb some of the UV radiation from the sun.

The melanin in your hair is destroyed by sun and your hair will not produce more melanin to respond to that since it is dead. Your hair will stay lighter until new hair grows in.

Skin on the other hand is alive and when the melanin is destroyed by the sun, the skin responds by producing more melanin and thus your Skin get darker.

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Q: Why does the sun make your hair go lighter but your skin go darker?
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Why does the sun make your skin dark but your hair light?

The sun tans your skin makeing it darker but more time in the sun means lighter hair. The sun kinda bleaches your hair so it gets lighter.

Why is your hair color they color it is?

Hair color is caused by the pigments in your body. The less pigment you have the lighter your hair. Less pigment also means you will have lighter skin that is why people who have darker skin have darker natural hair usually and why people with lighter skin have lighter hair. the amount of pigment you have depends on who your parents are. If your parents have more pigment you will probably have more pigment and if your parents have less pigment you will probably have less. Hope this helps! :)

Is it possible to make your skin lighter?

if you have dark or olivey skin colour in winter it should come lighter because its cooler and there is not enough sunlight to make your skin darker

What type of skin does not contain hair?

None, every skin type contains hair. It's the matter of concealing it. People with darker hair have hair on their skin that will stand out and vice versa with people who have lighter hair.

Do Asian girls prefer to have lighter skin or darker skin?

mostly lighter skins

Does hair removal cream make your skin darker?

No only shaving does.

Why isn't black people's hair like white people's hair?

There are skin pigments that make skin darker and often thicker, and some that make hair flatter and curlier. Generally, lighter-colored hair tends to be thinner and finer, and often straighter. Conversely, the "afro" texture of hair results in fewer strands for a given skin area.

What determines whether people are born with lighter or darker skin?


Why does hair colour change as you get older?

The body produce a substance called melanin which makes your skin and hair darker. As your body ages, the amount of melanin in the hair decreases and the hair gets lighter.

What are some reasons you should wear lipstick?

to make your skin look lighter or darker depends in the color of lipstick.

Why some white women have darker or lighter skin mulatto children?

Some people have naturally darker skin than others. It all depends on what genes you end up with. Some white people have naturally darker skin, and some black people have naturally lighter skin.

What is the role of melanin in the skin?

It is what gives your skin color. If you have more melanin in your skin, your skin will be darker, if you have less, your skin will be lighter.

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