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Because caves are usually formed out of rock...rock is cold and doesn't change tempratures so there for making a caves temprature stay the same.

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Q: Why does the temperature in a cave stay the same?
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What is the average temperature of land caves?

Away from entrances and other influences, the mean annual air temperature of a cave is that of the air outside, but it tends to stay around that temperature.

What is a cave's temperature?

Normally the air temperature in a cave, well away from the nearest entrance, is the mean annual air temperature outside the cave.

Where in the atmosphere does temperature stay the same?

I think, its temperature stay the same at ozone layer. But I am no reliable on this because I am only a kid,a ten year old kid, but I study physics.

When you go deeper into the earth does it increase decrease or stay the same?

What do you mean increase, decrease, or stay the same? Do you mean the temperature?

What will happen to the temperature of the ice while to is melting?

It will stay the same

What will happen to the temperature of ice while it is melting?

It will stay the same

What is the coldest cave on earth?

All caves are relatively the same temperature, which is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why does water at the bottom of frozen lakes stay the same temperature?

pressure of the depths are the same

Since the melting and freezing temperature are the same does something stay the same temperature when it is melting?

yes. tthe temperature says the exact same until the whole things that is melting has melted.

Why do bats use mystery cave?

It is damp and there are places for it to get out of and it stays the same temperature all year around.

What are Animals whose body temperature usually stays the same?

Vertebrate animals are able to stay at the same body temperature no matter where they live

Where in manufacturing in IL?

just in a cave only in a cave and it will stay there