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Why does the value of money change?

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βˆ™ 2010-07-21 21:16:20

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because people are greedy and want more of it. i dont how to do?

how can get money back

2010-07-21 21:16:20
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How did money change?

Money changes bacause of value.

How do you add money to increase the amount of money in a money order?

You cannot. Money Orders are fixed value monetary instruments. You cannot increase the value of a money order. Once issued, its value does not change. If you wish to increase the value, you have to cancel the existing money order and request for a fresh money order with the new/increased value.

1000 bin turk lirasi money change value in Philippine money?

Buy a cow with your money.......................

How do you change the money value in roller coaster tycoon 2 with cheat engine 5.5?


What is the best value for money notebook?

What is the best value for money? What is the best value for money?

Do money exchange rates tend to fluctuate?

Yes. The money exchange will fluctuate whenever the value of money from two different countries change. Meaning whenever the value of a dollar rises, the exchange will fluctuate with another country.

Why does the congress not the constitution set the presidents salary?

This is because times change and money changes value

What is the value of your money from Berlin?

If its Euro money, then its abaut ~1.2 $ per unit. If it's old German DM (Deutshmark) then I think you will have a problem to change it....its osbsolute....and its value I think is half as euro.

What is the current value for a dollar in Romanian money?

Today 25.10.2012: 1 US $ = 3,52403 lei (official); the change value is approx. 3,55 lei.

What gives money value?

gold gives money value

How does a change in the value of an input variable affect the value of an output variable?

The change in the input value is equalto the change in the output value.

What is the difference between fiat money and token money?

Token money is a type of money whose intrinsic worth is less than its nominal value eg its value as money is less than its value as metal while fiat money is a type of money which intrinsic value is more than its nominal value.

What mean money as ameasure of value?

Money is recognized as a measure of value as the value and amount of money measures the value of a specific product or service.

In olden days the value of money was very less but now there is a drastic change in the value of money so show the changing value of money from olden days to present day?

Gas used to be a $00.05 now it's $2.50 and coke used to be $00.01 now it's $1.00 so it a drastic effect.

What can change the value of an expression in math?

A change in the coefficient, a change in the value of a variable.

Is money a store of value?

No, because the value of money depreciates with inflation.

What is the duration of Value for Money?

The duration of Value for Money is 1.5 hours.

How much is 3500 Philippine pisos in American money?

$74.92 in US dollars. Actual value can change daily.

What is a value that does not change called?

A value that does not change is called a constant.

What is a value that does not change?

A value that does not change is a constant.

Can a policy owner change the universal life cash value?

Yes. You can pay more into it therefor increasing the cash value or you can withdraw money from it therefor decreasing the cash value. I suspect that is not what you want to do. 4lifeguild

What gives us money its value?

Gold gives money it's value

What is the equation for percent change?

% change = |original value - new value|/original value * 100%

What statements accurately describes the relationship between commodity money and fiat money?

Commodity money has value in itself while fiat money has value only because it is given value

The relationship between the value of money and the price level?

There is an inverse relationship between value of money and the price level. So if the value of money is low, then the price level is high or if the value of money is high, then the price level is low.