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It depends on where it's coming from.

There is no cooling system connected to most cold water taps, so the temperature never drops below that of the source.

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Q: Why does the water from your cold faucet not get cold?
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Is cold water or hot water coming from the faucet?

hot water

On which side of a bath is the cold water faucet?

The cold water should always be on the right side when in the tub facing the faucet. Thanks for pointing out the typo

Why is your cold water not coming out of the faucet?

maybe its blocked

Can a hot water heater siphon to cold water faucet?


Do you use the water heater when you use just cold water?

If water is only drawn from the cold faucet, then no, the water heater is not involved. However, if water is drawn from the hot faucet- even for a few seconds- hot water IS withdrawn from the heater, and fresh cold water drawn in to be heated- even if the hot water did not make it all the way through the pipe to the faucet- and the water heater will work to heat that fresh cold water.

Is it true or a myth that you have to use the cold water faucet to pour water into a pot to boil?

true, the water is going to get hot either if you use cold or hot water You did not answer my question of if it was "true" or a "myth" that the water had to be from the cold water faucet. From what you did respond to it sounds as if the question I generated means it is a myth that the water "has" to be from the cold water facuet.

How do you get rid of calcium build-up in the copper cold water line if it has caused the cold water bathroom faucet to slow to a trickle?

its not the co.pper line its the faucet stem or angle stop

How do you connect the sprayer to the hot and cold water?

Kitchen faucet? If so, the sprayer attaches to the underside of the faucet in the middle.

Why does the water from your cold faucet not get cold in a newly constructed home even if the hot water has not been on?

Possibly a cross connection

When using hot water it goes cold when a cold water faucet is open?

because there no backflow perventer on laves and toilets

Can a single handled faucet with a hot and cold mix be used for a cold water faucet only?

Yes. If you can attach a y to your cold water line, split it and run cold into both cold and hot Hopkins on the faucet.Yes , by blocking off the supply to the H/W side of the faucet and only connecting the C/W UNLESS it is a temperature or pressure balance type.

Why does hot water come from the cold faucet and then change to cold?

Because hot water is still in the pipes from when you turned on the hot water, and when you turned on the cold faucet it had to let out the hot water first. This means you have a single-pipe sink. Double-pipe sinks have a pipe for hot and a pipe for cold and it blends them as it turns on.

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