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he stares and smiles because he likes you, no offense but you could have figured this out on your own

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How do you know if a boy likes you if he is quiet?

He will be really nice, will stare and will smile alot.

Tips how can you tell a boy likes you?

He will spend time with you as much as possible. He will smile/ stare at you

What does it mean when a boy you like stares at you and i smile?

It may mean he likes you aswell, just stare at him back, and if he smiles, smile back :) x

How do you know if a boy fances you?

:-]If a boy likes you he will start to hang around with you he will keep edging towards you, stare at you and smile at you every time you look at him:-]

What cute act or move can a boy and girl do together when modeling?

Smile always smile and tilt your head a little bit smile at the crowd ALWAYS

Why do guys always stare at you and smile?

It's because they are usually attracted to the lady or man (if gay) that they are stareing at.

How do you tell the person you like them when you are in 8th grade?

If you are a boy then just stare at her and smile but if you are a girl do not smile unless he dose it will make him unconfortable after a while he or she will relize that they like you and they will ask you out

What does it mean when you have a stare comp with a girl and you start to smile?

Nothing, it's common to want to smile during a stare comp no matter with who

How do guys usually flirt?

stare at you, ask who you like more( e.g. himself or some other boy)in the hope of you choosing them. smile at you alot.

How do you tell that you r in love?

you can tell that you are in love by when you stare at that boy/girl for a long time and kinda walk away from them if the get closer and SMILE a lot!!!

When you laugh and smile and a boy stares at you what does that mean?

When you laugh and smile and you seem to notice a boy stare at you that means you have caught his attention! This is a great opportunity for him to approach you and say hello, because he now knows you are approachable and friendly. It defiantly releases a good vibe.

If you are talking to a boy and he smiles at you and stare into your eyes and he lets you touch his face what does that mean?

its Means he likes you ! If you look deep into a boys eyes and they smile they like you.

When a boy look back and smile?

A boy can look back and smile even when he considers you as a good friend. It doesn't always mean that he likes you. There maybe some feelings but you can't be sure.

How can you know that a boy likes you?

always staring at you and facing you and tries to see you smile and laugh

Is there a certain stare that a boy like you?

Yes, they'll smile and when they catch you looking they will look down and be a bit embarrassed. Also you'll feel/see it when you look at them!

How can you tell if a boy likes you but doesn't talk to you?

He will usually stare at you a lot and smile in your direction often. He might also talk/ask about you to his friends. Hope this helps

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