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because of the leprechauns

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How are toilet flush handles replaced if one breaks?

Replacing a toilet flush handle is inexpensive and is generally a one person job. The handle can be replaced by opening the tank and unhooking the chain. Using a wrench you can now remove the handle. To replace the handle simply attach the chain and secure in place.

How much water is wasted if your toilet handle is loose when you flush?

There is about four to five gallons wasted if you flush a toilet but I don't believe that it makes a difference if the handle is loose or not. Unless, the toilet is leaking from the handle or somewhere else.

How do you flush the toilet on shrink ray island?

After you're on the toilet, jump to the toilet paper then jump on the handle.

What is the arterial lumen?

The arterial lumen is the opening of the artery. As an analogy, the toilet paper roll lumen is what you put the spindle through.

How do you flush your urine?

The silver handle on the toilet.

What do girls use to pee?

Girls pee out through their urethral opening, which is just above the vaginal opening, and just below the clitoris. They typically sit down on the toilet seat which naturally makes their urethral opening point downwards, and they pee, releasing their urine into the toilet bowl. There are devices on the market however, that allow women to pee standing up, much like how a man typically pees. It is a bit like a funnel and the large opening is placed over the girl's urethral opening, allowing the girl to direct their pee out through the small end opening.

How do you flush a toilet?

You usually depress a handle on the tank.

Why yahoo mail is not opening?

check your internet and put your head in the toilet

Why does the water run in slowly to the toilet tank?

Replace the flush valve or there is something buggered in the stop. Try opening the handle from the stop some more, if this doesn't help, you need to replace the flush valve in the tank.

Bacteria is on your toilet?

Yes, but not as many as there is on the handle of a sink, or even the flusher.

What is wrong with a toilet handle that is hard to push down to flush?

Linkage going to flapper is sticking or needs adjusted. Nut holding flush handle to tank may need tightened or replaced. Pressure assisted toilet needs more force on handle to flush.

How do you use the toilet bowl?

A toilet bowl was made for people to go to the bathroom inside their house. To use a toilet bowl, you have to first sit on it and go to the bathroom. When you are done, you push the handle down to flush it.

How do you flush the thumb drive?

climb on the toilet paper basket and jump on the silver handle

What class lever is a toilet?

A toilet is a class 3 lever. This is true because your elbow moves when you flush the toilet so that's the fulcrum and the effort is in the middle at your hand where you're moving the handle. - 5th grader

Why do pipes sing when toilet is flushed?

Most likely from the pipe hitting a resonant frequency when the water runs through. I don't know what can be done to change that without opening up the wall to get to the pipes.

Water doesn't come on when toilet is flushed but jiggle the handle and it fills up?

Look in the tank and see if the rod on the handle is interfering with the fill valve.

What is the roughing in measurements coming up through the floor for a toilet?

Depends on the toilet being purchased, but generally 12 inches from the wall to the center of the toilet flange for a residential toilet.

How do you flush the toilet well?

you must strike the handle with all your might put some backbone into it!

Who invented the toilet brush?

The toilet brush consists of a stiff bristle brush at the end of a plastic handle. It is used for scrubbing toilets. It was invented in 1932 by W.C. Schopp.

What are the handicap requirements of toilet paper in a handicap stall?

There really aren't any requirements. The only requirement is that the stall has to have a wider area, plus a wider door so a wheelchair can fit through the opening.

What is a toilet that cleans your bottom called?

It is called a bidet. It has a nozzle that sprays water upwards when the handle is pulled.

How do you choose your dreams?

You look through the paper on the toilet!

How is urnie stored and removed from the body?

After being absorbed through the walls of the small intestine, the water is filtered through the kidneys. When all of the nutrients have been filtered it passes into the bladder where it is stored until you need to go to the toilet. When you decide to go, the urine passes through a tube called the Urethra. In females this is the opening before the vagina. In males this is the opening at the end of the penis. This is also the tube that semen is released out of during sexual intercourse.

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