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Substances in the urine turn to vapor which is picked up by your scent receptors. Certain ones such as ammonia can be disagreeable.

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Q: Why does urine smell?
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What is fruity urine smell?

A fruity urine smell is normally indicative of diabetes. The fruity smell is attributed to the presence of ketones in urine.

Can the smell of human urine damage your health?

The smell of urine can not damage your health.

Can cabbage cause a urine smell?

Yes cabbage can cause a urine smell.

Why does my cat's urine smell like ammonia?

Its the natural smell of cat's urine

How do you get rid of dog urine smell in the yard?

How do you get rid of dog urine smell in the yard?

Why does a rabbit's urine smell really bad?

doesn't all urine smell bad?

Does your urine smell?

Yes. Your urine smells.

What does coyote urine smell like?


What does urine smell like in early pregnancy?

Urine. Ammonia. The smell of urine does not change in early pregnancy. Or late pregnancy.

Urine smell like medicine after taking diet pills?

I'm pretty sure your urine should smell like urine. Why are you smelling your urine?

Why is there a strong odor from your urine?

Actually fresh urine doesn't smell. It only starts to smell a while later because of the bacteria that gets onto the urine. Fresh urine can smell if the person is dehydrated, and therefore the urine is more concentrated.

What does urine smell like?

The closest thing urine would smell like would be vinegar

Why do you smell of urine?

I don't

How do you remove urine smell from car?

There is a product called Zero Odor that when sprayed in the car will remove the urine smell.

Why would your urine smell strong?

The longer you hold in your urine, the stronger it will smell due to the extra amount of waste.

Is the smell of cat urine deadly to humans?

No, it is not. Cat urine may smell terrible, but it ultimately won't hurt you.

Why do your urine smell like medicine and you do not take medicine?

it depends what you consider a "medicine" smell. there are different reasons for your urine to smell. certain foods such as asparagus can cause a different smell. foul smelling urine can indicated a urinary tract infection. sweet smelling urine can indicate undiagnosed diabetes.

Why would you have a urine smell coming from your vagina?

this is a urine passage

What does tiger urine smell like?

it smells like urine

What does it mean when your urine have a strong smell?

strong ammonia smell

Will this supplement make my urine smell funny?

All B-Complex vitamins get excreted through urine so urine will have yellow color and will smell different.

Why does male cat urine smell?

Well, any urine from anyone is going to smell, but male cats' urine is especially potent because, if they are not spayed, they use it to mark their territories. The unique smell of the individual cat's urine declares to intruders that they own the territory.

Can urine smell like alcohol?

It's possible for urine to smell like alcohol if a person drinks too much.

What makes a persons urine smell funny?

When there is no water in there body their urine turns dark yellow and starts to smell funny.

Is old urine smell dangerous to humans?

The smell is not dangerous - however, if there is still a smell, there could still be urine, which could cause diseases and infections if you come in contact with it.