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Well, one theory is that the chemicals contained in the whiteboard marker somehow reacts to the permanent marker, making it rub off, but it is not an excellent way to clean off permanent marker.

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Q: Why does whiteboard marker erase permanent marker?
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Is there an eraser that can erase marker?

you can only erase marker on a whiteboard but there is pens that can be erased From Charlie the Unicorn

How can you make permanent marker stay on whiteboard?

Write with it and let it's permanent.

Do wet erase markers erase off whiteboards?

If by "wet erase" markers you mean water-soluble markers, the answer is - usually yes. The surface preparation for dry erase boards (whiteboards) is different from the way you would prepare a surface for water-soluble markers. As a consequence, it is not uncommon for water soluble markers to leave a stain on a whiteboard that requires some other solvent to remove. If a wet permanent marker is used on a dry erase board, it can sometimes be removed with an appropriate solvent, but often the whiteboard will be permanently stained (which you might expect from a permanent marker)

What is the best marker to use on a skateboard?

Permanent if you want it to be that. OR Whiteboard Washable

How do you remove permanent marker off of tile?

bleach or hard scrubbing um, try this, put dry erase marker on top of the permanent marker and erase it with a tissue

How do you get permanent marker off piano keys?

I don't know if this will work on piano keys, but dry erase markers erase permanent marker on white boards. Write over the mark, then erase the dry erase. If the dry erase doesn't come off the piano keys easily, use alcohol.

Is whiteboard one word or two?

Whiteboard is one word when you are referring to the board you write on with dry erase marker, but I think it is two separate words when you are describing something else that is a board that is the color of white, but not the whiteboard you see in school.

How do you get permanent ink out of a shirt?

color dry erase marker over it and then throw it in the washer

What is the taste of whiteboard marker?

it is tasteless

How do you erase permanent marker?

If its on skin wash with soap water and hand sanitizer for a couple of days if on white board keep washing with the spray bottle for the ones that aren't for dry erase i dont know what its called

How do you get permanent marker off whiteboard?

try nail polish remover. hope that helps :)

How do you get permanent marker off a diecast model bus?

You would be surprised. I was messing around with my diecast model buses and I discovered because at first I was using a wash cloth and water and it wasn't getting me anywhere so I thought to myself if I use a dry erase marker over the permanent marker it might work because when you have marker on a board and it wont come off, you scribble on it with a dry erase and then erase so I did that with my buses and it worked! try it out.