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Oxygen and fluorine are the two most electronegative elements and are the only ones in which the high energy barrier to moving a electron out of its stable configuration in a xenon atom.

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Q: Why does xenon reacts with only oxygen and fluorine but not other elements?
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What are facts for fluorine?

The salts in Fluorine are called fluorides, and fluorine reacts with all other elements except oxygen, neon, helium, and krypton.

What other elements react with xenon?

Xenon reacts directly with fluorine only.

Does xenon bond with other elements?

With difficulty but yes it does - particularly Fluorine and oxygen.

When oxygen reacts with anything?

The reaction of oxygen with other elements is oxidation. An example is iron and oxygen reacting to form rust.

Does xenon combine with other elements?

Yes, it can combine with fluorine and oxygen, but bot very easily.

How does cobalt react with other elements?

cobalt is very hard, it is most likely for strength and durability

What is the electronegativity of oxygen compared to other elements?

Oxygen has the second highest electronegativity of any element. Only fluorine is more electronegative.

What other elements on the periodic table does lithium mix with?

If you mean react with, the answer is a lot. Lithium is one of the most reactive elements there is. To start with, it reacts violently to fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine, the Halogens. It also reacts with hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon, hence why it's never found in nature in its elemental form. Its other major elemental reaction is with sulfur. Not surprisingly, there are a vast amount of compounds it also reacts with.

What other elements bond with boron?

Examples: oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, fluorine, carbon, chlorine, etc.

Does fluorine contain oxygen?

F2 does not combine directly with O2. so there will be no reaction under ordinary condition. But F2 does forms two oxides OF2 & O2F2. OF2 is prepared by passing F2 into 2% NaOH solution and O2F2 is formed when an electric discharge is passed through a mixture of O2 & F2 at very low pressure and temperature

Can fire burn with elements other than oxygen or fluorine?

Yes. Chlorine could sustain such a reaction as well.

How many other elements are made up of diatomic molecules?

oxygen, hydrogen nitrogen, chlorine, fluorine, bromine, iodine