Why does yoda talk back words?

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because he is so dumb idiots!!!
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Who is Yoda?

YODA . Yoda is the oldest Jedi alive. He was 880 years old in Episode 1. When he died in the sixth episode, he was 900. . He is a green animal with white hair. He walks with a cane because he is so old. He is a powerful fighter and controls the force well.. He was one of the most skilled light ( Full Answer )

How do you get back your ex if your not talking?

I went through the same thing and it took almost two months before we started talking again. It takes time and some space for each person to think about what he or she wants. But if it's meant to be it will happen. Let time and space take it course. Good luck.

How do you deal with back talk from children?

Do not argue with them. Just say something like, I respect you too much to argue with you. You give them power when you react to what they say. Just ignore them or keep repeating the same thing over and over. Eventually they just get frustrated and give up. Remember that YOU are the one in control. ( Full Answer )

What do you do if your friend is talking about you behind your back?

This can be a difficult situation but the best way is to confront them. When you confront them, it's important not to get angry. Although you may be hurt, anger isn't going to solve anything, just lead to more conflict. Calmly approach them during a time when you can both talk alone. Tell then that ( Full Answer )

Can you be arrested for talking back to an officer?

Its protected under your first amendment right to freedom of speech. In the USA you have the right to speak your mind and criticize the government, though it might not be a good idea to get in a screaming match with a police officer. They can get away with almost anything.

Why do guys talk behind your back?

It depends on the person themselves. It's all those wimps who talk behind others' backs. If they did have guts, they'd say it to your face. I guess, like girls, they talk behind someone's back when they don't like that person or think they're weird. Other times, they'd talk about others' physical im ( Full Answer )

How do you talk back to the person that talked to you?

Bereally mean to them and the popular people will not bother or make fun of you again! . or laugh to make them mad witch will not get bothered. . or never think of them and walk away or you will get so bothered that makes you faint!

How do you talk back to people?

lol thats a funny question, but people talk back by commenting after someone has already told them something for them to do, you shouldn't be like that because it can lead to bad things it is really disrespectful and mean.

What is Yoda?

He is a 900 year old creature form the well known series, Star Wars . Yoda is a Whill from a planet called Grentarik.

What do you do if your friend talks behind your back?

\nI went through the same problem.I was new to the school so no one knew me.they called me gay.but later we became friends.but this Friday I was watching my friends play soccer.then I heard one of my friends talking to his friend telling him I was a gay fage.so this monday I'm gonna lay down the law ( Full Answer )

Husband talks about you behind your back?

If he talks good, then good. If he talks bad, then as they say... all's fair in love and war. Talking bad about one's own spouse is the same as talking bad about one's self. It should never be tolerated.

If a boy is shy around you will he talk back if you talk to him?

Im not really sure i geuss he has to rite! just dont do it in front of everyone take it slow. and nothing personal make yourself clear and dont make him repeat look him in the eyes if he seems dazed then just laugh nad sigh and walk away or something!

How do you talk back to your brother?

If you don't know how to talk back to your brother just stare at him or walk away. If he says ya you have no come backs just say . OOH YOUR SO SCARED OF ME!!!

How do you get a child to stop talking back?

Children learn by example. Speak to them with love and respect and try to remember all the time that they are a child and it is a natural part of developing and growing to ask questions about the world they live in, no matter how frustrating it is to the adult. Set guidelines and boundaries for beha ( Full Answer )

What is talking back?

Talking back is verbal rudeness, it is a child or subordinate disregarding the authority of an elder or authority figure who is giving a directive or correcting you. At it's most simple form, it is rebellion. It is an expression of negative (and usually unwelcome) attitude.

How do you get a girl back when you told her not to talk to you?

Answer 1: You work very hard ... very hard indeed. AND you swallow your pride ... because, believe me, you will have really dented her pride when you told her not to talk to you. It was actually very juvenile to blot anyone right out like that ... because it gives them no chance to redeem thems ( Full Answer )

Why do kids talk back to parents?

well I'm a kid myself and i talk back back once in a while because sometimes my mom ticks me off and says stuff that really hurt my feelings like once my mom said that I'm a difficult child and that i have problems, so i do the same, because what else do I do? i can't just say that hurt my feelings ( Full Answer )

What do you do after your boyfriend kisses you What do you talk about Do you talk Or do you kiss him back or Touch him Where How?

When people first kiss, it's probably best if you're in a position to immediately go into your house or drive away. That leaves a little mystery without needing to engage in conversation. If that isn't possible, you can finish the kiss, stay in that position and then give him a soft little kiss just ( Full Answer )

How do you get your boyfriend back if he wont talk to you?

Well... You could call him and if he doesn't answer you can leave him a message telling him what you feel. Or you could even txt him or write him over facebook or Myspace. get a friiend tu pass messagees on ,, and find out the reson why he dumped you ,, and then ask him why he hasent been t ( Full Answer )

How do you get a guy back that you use to talk to?

You could make yourself look better that ever before, have a complete makeover; new hair, new style, new attitude. You should have a positive outlook on life, smile a lot around him and laugh when you know he's looking. He'll miss making you smile like that and will soon wand that feeling of joy bac ( Full Answer )

What does talking back mean?

Talking back usually refers to speaking in response in a challenging way (using tone of voice and phrasing) to a person in authority, and thus being rude or insolent. .

How do you get kids to stop talking back?

First you should start by establishing your superiority by putting a foot in there rear and telling(shouting to) them how its disrespectful and illadvised and that there will be further groundings and consequences for the actions they took. Your word goes.If your a mother and you have a son that is ( Full Answer )

How do you get him back when he wont even talk to you?

i got on my best friends myspace, pretending to be my best friend, requested him and everything, and started talkn to him.. when he said he reallyy like me(thinking it was my friend) i told him who it really was and we are back together.

Why do chrilden talk back to their parents?

because when they get stressed about there parents the kid just is ticked off but parents will always love there kids u respect them they respect u if they dont take something away from them

Why do children talk back to their parents?

Children talk back because they are still learning how to deal with conflicting emotions. They have conflicting feelings when their parents tell them to do one thing and they want to do another thing. They want to be assertive and not get in trouble and don't understand how to do it. Interactions ( Full Answer )

Do teens talk back if they are not listened to?

Yes they do and they walk out in important things like Education, they do have mental problems. Being rude. Thier parents probably gave them no good childhood.

Why kids back talk parents?

They back talk parents because when children feal a point of weakness from the parent, and if the child has been sent to bed or what not they need to make the parent feel bad. If the parent were to say I DON'T CARE to the child it will just upset them more and make them cry.

What do you do when someone talks about you behind your back?

Well personally I would not talk to that person anymore, and just stop being friends with that person. Another perspective: If I had solid evidence that the person did this, and what was said, I would approach that person and confront them privatley. I would let the person know how cowardly and ( Full Answer )

Your Friends Talk behind your back?

(To add to my question) I'm a military child, so we don't stay anywhere long. But this time we did and I made some Best friends, we have known each other for 5 years now. One of them has started to be mean. She's talked behind my back and everything, but when I ask her about it and try to talk with ( Full Answer )

What was the punishment for Jews if talked back?

Beatings or death were the punishment of the Jews by the Nazi Germans if they talked back. Some of the women were raped for talking back. Some of them were left out in the cold, starved and then buried (some were still barely alive).

What if your boyfriend talks behind your back?

My boyfriend did that to me. I suggest you talk to him about it. Find out the truth and decide whether or not to forgive him. If you really do love him you might be able to forgive him.

Is it backtalk or back talk?

Most dictionaries have back talk listed as two words in American English, but I also found backtalk, one word in some online dictionaries. To be safe, I would write as two words.

Why shouldn't i talk back to my teacher?

no you should talk back to your teacher the teacher's love it when you do that and you won't get in big trouble if you talk back when you don't talk back to a teacher it makes them very angry