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remenber every important foundation day , keep in mind forever and remenber the person who set up the day

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Q: Why does you should celebrate foundation day?
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When do us celebrate quezon city foundation day?

the Quezon city foundation day is 35th year

Why does Brazil celebrate foundation day?

because foundation day is the day chuck norris punched cody callahan so hard in the groin it rocked the very foundation of brazil

Why do you need to celebrate foundation day?

Foundation Day is a celebration in Western Australia. The day is celebrated in honor of the first colony state by the British in Australia.

Why should you celebrate world asthma day?

you should celebrate world asthma day!

What is foundation day?

Foundation Day is a Western Australian public holiday. It commemorates the day that the first European settlers arrived in Western Australia and found the swan river on the 1st of June in 1829. So now each year we celebrate Foundation Day.

Should we celebrate Martin Luther King Day?

Absolutely. Do you think India should celebrate a day in honor of Gandhi?

Should you celebrate Valentine's Day?


Who thought the Americans celebrate should Independence Day?

John Adams felt that Americans should always celebrate Independence Day.

Who thought the American should always celebrate Independence Day?

John Adams felt that Americans should always celebrate Independence Day.

When should Americans celebrate Veterans Day?

Veterans Day... of course

What is the essence of celebrating the foundation day of the school?

because this day comes to celebrate and respect elder's day

How should a person celebrate friendship day?

you should get them something theve been wanting and bring them to your house to celebrate