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Change the spark plugs and wires first. That is often all they need to run right.

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How do you start a 95 Ford Escort with no key?

How to find the reason for not starting when turning the key over on a 1993 Ford escort lx

Why does my 1993 ford escort dies sometime while driving The fuel cut-off and check engine light sometimes comes on?

engine stalls sometimes driving

Will a transmission from a 1993 escort fit a 1997 escort?


Show ac diagram for 1993 Ford Escort?

show 1993 ford escort ac diagram

Will a 1995 escort bumper fit a 1993 escort?

Yes they are interchangeable and identical.

Will 1993 Taurus parts work on a 1993 Escort?

None will work.

Why engine stalls while driving and sometimes at stops?

Why engine stalls on 1993 Chrysler Intrepid while driving and sometimes at stops?

Where is the egr valve located on 1993 Ford Escort?

The 1993 Ford escort did not come with an EGR valve. It is one of a few year models that do not have one.

Where is the Timing chain on a 1993 ford escort?

The timing chain for a 1993 Ford escort is located on the front of the engine. It is under the timing chain cover.

Where is the turn-hazard signal relay on a 1991 Ford Escort?

see answer for 1993 escort

Can an 1993 escort 1.9L engine fit in a 1995 escort?

Yes, they are the same engine design.

Stalls starved for gas 1993 s10?

replace the fuel filter

What is the firing order for a 1993 Ford Escort LX?

The firing order for a 1993 Ford Escort LX with a 1.9 engine is 1-3-4-2

Will a transmission from a Ford Escort 1993 fit a 1995 Escort?

Yes it will as long as it is the same motor size. If it is the escort LX it is a 1.9 litre engine. If it is the escort GT it is a 1.8 litre.

How do you reset computer on a 1993 Ford Escort?

To reset the computer on a 1993 Ford Escort, you will need a OBD-1 scanner. Once this is obtained, you will be able to initiate a restart of the computer.

How do you disconnect a factory fitted alarm on a 1993 escort?

I am researching this myself due to a faulty alarm that keeps me from starting my own car. As soon as I get the answer I'll pass it along.

What is the towing capacity of a 1993 ford escort lx?


What is the Spark plug gap for a 1993 for escort?

Most are 1.1mm

What are the release dates for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - 1993 A Pressing Engagement 1-4?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - 1993 A Pressing Engagement 1-4 was released on: USA: 9 September 1993

Where is the 1993 Ford Escort Voltage regulator?

Attached to the Alternator (1.9L)

What is the fuel capacity for ford escort lx 1993?

12 gallons

What is the tire pressure for 1993 ford escort van?

32 psi

What type of freon does a 1993 ford escort use?


How much does a 1993 ford escort coupe weigh?

2350 lbs.

Where is the number one cylinder located on a 1993 ford escort with a 1.9 liter?

On a 1993 Ford Escort , 1.9 litre four cylinder engine : 1------2------3-----4 , transaxle ( transmission )

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