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Why does your 1995 Honda civic have stinky smoke in the cabin?


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2006-07-24 05:41:06
2006-07-24 05:41:06

Maybe there is a leak on you exhaust headers. Maybe there is a leak on you exhaust headers. Alex

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whiite smoke is oil check the compression in each cylender,blue is fuel

it would cause overheating but the smoke is probally coming from some sort of water or antifreeze in combustion chamber

Your headgasket is bad, coolant is getting into the combustion chamber, hence the thick white smoke and fluid. had that happen to my dads thunderbird a few years ago

On the ground lol. But seriously, if you have a lot of white smoke out of the exhaust, you have a blown head gasket and must get a new one. If there is no smoke, check all hoses for cracks and leaks.

Grey/whitish smoke usually burning water/black smoke usually burning oil-could be head gasket issue. Look for signs of water loss, overheating or water in oil pan.

Antifreeze leak, failed head/headgasket? Have it checked for codes.

if you smoke your nails go yellow, and be weak and you have stinky breath and yellow teeth and your lungs go black and you struggle to breath properly.

white smoke coming from my tailpipe of my Honda civix lx 1997?

There isn't much a person can do to stop the stinky smell of exhaust from the muffler. This smell, sometimes like sulphur or rotten eggs, is a by-product of the fuels burned.

The smoke becomes charged as it passes through the dry air. The charged particles in the smoke stick to you like a sock from the dryer. Little stinky ions.

Just put up with it or move, there is nothing you can do, its not against the law to smoke in your own home.

I have a 1995 Honda civic cx that has a lot of modification to the engine. The car runs great always has, but now I have a whitish blue smoke coming out the exaust pipe, but I don't lose a drop of coolant, so I have ruled out the head gasket. I have to put about 4 litres of oil in per month, plus a bottle of lucas oil, and it continues to burn the oil, also the valve guides are o.k. I can't figure out why it is burnig oil with no performance loss.

Intake Manifold....smelling radiator fluid fumes in cabin or white smoke in exhaust. Exhaust manifold or cylinder head....smelling burnt oil in cabin or black smoke in exhaust

For diesels, black smoke is normal. For gasoline engines, black smoke indicates that the engine is getting too much fuel. Check air filter, oxygen sensor, possibility of a stuck injector, throttle position sensor. A lot of that stuff can be checked by reading the computer codes.

Try changing the valve cover gasket.

because if you smoke to much your lungs start to go black and stop functioning properly along side your heart. and they are stinky

under the engine block is wet and it is blowing a lot of white smoke

Is white smoke coming out of the exhaust? Is the oil milky? If so then you could have a blown head gasket. You can also check by getting an exhaust gas checker at Autozone to see if there is exhaust in your coolant. HTH.

No, you cab not smoke on a plane, or bring it in the cabin, but you can put it in your hold luggage though.

Black smoke = Overly rich fuel/air mixture. Blue smoke = Oil burning. White smoke = Coolant entering the combustion chamber.

the rings are probably bad and need replaced

One reason could be a worn engine.

It sounds like there may be a leak. If oil is leaking down on the manifold it will cause alot of smoke.

most likely its frost from your ac system being to cold and freezing up unless its smells like fire then you should definitely find the cause otherwise take it to the shop or take the a/c off full cold

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