Why does your Chao draw pizzas?

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cause your chao is bored usally it doesn't mean anything

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Q: Why does your Chao draw pizzas?
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What kind of pictures can a chao draw in SA2B?

chao can draw Food Items usually pizza or cake this means that the chao is hungryCharactersChao can draw characters that they like. The character may or may not be able to enter the chao gardens in SA2B.Flaming SkullsIf a chao draws a flaming skull that means it hates you. With the exception of dark chaos chao or devil chao. They draw flaming skulls randomly.ThemselvesYes chao can actually draw themselves. But the picture only represents the alignment of the chao not the breed.

How do you draw a chao?

note. with a hero chao draw a halo instead of ball hero chao are white. note.dark chao are black and have a spiked ball. - remember, chao are made up almost entirely out of circles (ends of arms, tail, head, emoticon ball.)

What sort of drawings did William Morris draw?

chickens and pizzas

How do you draw a picture to represent one and three eighths?

I would draw two open pizza boxes that did contain eight-slice pizzas, and show that five slices are gone from one of the pizzas.

Do pizzas suck?

NO pizzas are taty

Pizza Perfection sold 93 pizzas on Monday 67 pizzas on Tuesday 78 pizzas on Wednesday 44 pizzas on Thursday and 123 pizzas on Friday On average how many pizzas did they sell per day?


Where does pizzas live?

Pizzas are not living organisms.

Why are pizzas round?

Not all pizzas are round!

Where where pizzas made?

Pizzas are made in Italy.

What is a blitz chao?

A "Blitz" Chao is a Two-Tone White Chao. You can get this Chao by breeding a White Mono-Tone with a Normal Chao.

What is the plural possessive form of pizza?


How do you get your chao to age faster?

Your chao will age faster if you spend more time in the Chao Garden with your chao.

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