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Because he is not the right one for you and you need to get rid of him fast. Someone who truly loves you will never be horribly mean to you. One sign that it ain't right.

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Why does my boyfriend kiss me on my head - what does it mean?

Forehead? It means he loves you. Top of your head? Same thing.

What if your boyfriend tells you he loves you and expects you to feel the same but your not sure it you love him or not?

tell him what you feel!

If your boyfriend talks to another girl but he says he loves you does that mean he is lien?

No he is not lying. He could just be friends with her. If a guy talks to another girl does NOT mean hes being secular with her.. unless you herd him saying he loves her and then told you the same ; then you can start questioning him. Good luck.

What should you say if your boyfriend said he loves you more?

You can tell him the same, or tell him you love him so much he can't possibly love you more, but only if you really mean it.

What does it mean when you and your boyfriend have the same birthday?

that you both have the same birthday.

What does it mean when you have the same birthday as your boyfriend?

You were meant to be

Why does your boyfriend sing to you?

because he loves you and that is his way of showing it and showing off his epic pipes at the same time :)

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he likes you and your best friend the same?

It means he's not "your" boyfriend.

Should you break up with your boyfriend if another girl loves him?

talk to the girl first and see if she really loves him, but if he doesn't feel the same way about her then don't end it.

How do you know if your ex boyfriend still loves you?

I have had the same problem before, but i need more details if you want me to answer correctly.

What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you his little baby?

Although this is a weird way to say it, it just means that he loves you and cares about you. It's not the same way as an actual baby, but some of the same feelings of love and a need to help still apply.

What does it mean when a girl flirts with you but she has a boyfriend does that mean she cheats on her boyfriends?

No. She's only cheating on her boyfriend if she goes out with another person at the same time.

My friends hates this guy because he treated her horribly but at the same time can't help but feel for him anyway What advice can I offer her?

if he was mean dump him

What does it mean when your boyfriend does not act the same way anymore?

ya dumped

What does it mean your boyfriend huging you and kissing at same time?

It means he likes you.

What does shu mean?

it means that its the same Muslim brother that loves chon chon

What does it mean when a woman says that you own her heart?

that she loves you and hopes you feel the same

Why does my boyfriend get mad when I ask him if he still loves me?

He believes that you should not require constant reassurance about his love, and since he has already said that he loves you, you should accept that answer rather than continuing to ask the same question.

How will you know if your ex-boyfriend still loves you?

ask him duhhhh.. Well if you still feel the same way as you did b4 and if you think he feels the same then i guess you will be able to tell..

How do i know that my boyfriend loves other girl?

I ask that same Question I dont think u can see how he talks to you and her and how he looks at you both U should now what is what with ur boyfriend and should be able to tell

My boyfriend breaks up with me because he loves me too much I don't get it so what does that mean?

i would say because he thinks you dont feels the same way, try telling him how you feel! that might help. but it depends on how he said it too.

Should I be worried if my boyfriend says he loves his girl best friend the same as me?

obviously.............u should be worried.............tell ur boyfriend if u love ur best friend who is a girl then who am i.............then she will be ur girlfriend..............

You move to a new school and you have a boyfriend who says he loves you but your new best friend says that they went out and he told her the same thing when they were going out should you worry?

don't trust him he probably just wants a little disturbance in his pants if you know what I mean.

What does a guy mean when he says he loves you but does not want to be with you?

Most likely that he only loves you as a friend, like you love your friends but you wouldn't date them, well he feels the same about you.

What does it mean if you keep having the same dream about your boyfriend cheating with the same girl over and over?

You are having feelings of insecurity.

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