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Check the alternator or the main lead of the ac wire to check for either if there is too much pressure is being applicated to the alternator or if theirs a shortage in the main lead wire to the ac

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Q: Why does your car shake when you turn off the AC?
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Why does car turn off when you turn on the ac?

The ac pump may be seized up.

Ac on peugeot 307 comes on when start car how do you turn off?

If you have the defroster on, the ac comes on automatically.

Why would my car shake at stop light like its going to shut off?

If a car shakes at stop light like it is going to shut off, this is probably caused by the AC compressor. To check on this, turn of the climate control and see if it goes away.

Why a car AC is cooling when set temperature is higher than actual temperature?

the ac in the car cools, the fact you have set a higher temperature than the ambient tempereature means that the car's heater is working and so is the ac, if you wish to heat up your car, turn the ac off.

Can you turn blood off in assassins creed 3?

if you can turn it off on AC 2 then you might can on AC 3

How do you recharge your a Lincoln ac?

turn the car on

Why does the car turn off when the defrost is on?

If it has AC assist and the compressor is shot, cut the belt or disconnect the defrost from the compressor.

Why car shuts off when ac is on?

The AC is taking energy

Why your car stop when the ac turn on?

bad alternator or ground to ac compressor

Why does your blower to your ac and heater fan go on and off?

Why does your ac and heater fan turn off and on

How do you turn off fan and ac?

Well you have to press the button that says off to be able to turn it off.

Why would your car stall when you turn off the ac?

Your mass airflow sensor could be bad or your exaust gas recirculation valve.

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