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a cat pulls out its fur because it has something irrtating it. your cat could have Allergies we had a cat at my job who had allergies and would pull out her fur because it was itchy

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Q: Why does your cat pull out his fur?
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How do you get love grass out of cat fur?

You pull it out

Why does your cat pull his fur out?

Licking it's self

Why would your cat drool and pull out her fur?

There could be a number of reasons why your cat would drool and pull out its fur. Barbering, or pulling out fur, is often a sign of stress or anxiety. It can also be a sign that there is an underlying skin condition making the cat uncomfortable.

Which fur is softer cat fur or dog fur?

Cat fur is softer.

What house cat does not have fur?

The Sphinx is a breed of cat that has no fur.

Are rabbit fur and cat fur the same?

No, rabbit fur comes from rabbits, but cat fur comes from cats.

Does hamsters have cat fur?

No, hamsters have hamster fur! Cat fur would probably be too coarse.

Does it hurt your rabbit when they pull their fur out?

No it does not hurt a rabbit when there pull out their own fur

How do you remove oil-based paint from cat fur?

I would start with cat shampoo - the soaps should be able to pull wet oil-based paint off the fur. Whatever you do, don't let your cat try to groom itself - you could go from a funny-coated cat to a cat in a medical emergency in a hurry.

Can you find cat fur on eBay?

You probably can't find real cat fur on Ebay. Maybe if you are really lucky someone will be selling cat fur but that is pretty unlikely.

Does a tiger have fur?

yes,tiger has fur in golden colour with black stripes.since tiger belongs to cat family even cat has fur.

The cat licked its' fur or the cat licked it's fur?

Actually, this should be "The cat licked its fur". "It's" is a shortened version of "it is", so would not work correctly in this sentence. "Its" is usually used when something belongs to something else, like the fur belongs to the cat.

What is a body covering of a cat?

Fur covers the cat.

What stage of pregnant does a rabbit pull fur out?

The female rabbit pull out it fur in the last stages of giving birth

Why does a cat has fur?

Cats have fur to keep them warm when they are cold.

Did the Sabre tooth cat have fur?

All cats have fur.

What is a cat covered with?


Does a cat always have to have fur?

no cat don't always have to have fur because Egypt has hairless cats all over

Is there a cat that has no fur?

There are a few cat breeds which are consider hairless or with minimum fur, if that is what you are looking for. The Bambino cat, Donskoy cat aka Don Sphynx, Dwelf cat, Peterbald cat, Sphynx cat and last but not least the Ukranian Levkoy cat.

How do you remove chewing gum from cat fur?

Shave the cat.

Can cat get people sick with its fur?

No, unless the person has an allergy to fur.

Why does cat fur stand on end?

Cat fur stands on end when they are threatened, to make them look bigger and to show aggression.

What are the weather conditions if a cat is licking its fur?

A cat licks its own fur to groom itself no matter what the weather is. There is no connection.

How do you get poop out of cat fur?

It depends on how it got in there. If your cat rolled in it, have your cat take a bath right away (not with it's tongue). If it has been in the fur for a while, then you will have to take the cat to the vet, because the poop might be going into the skin and fur roots if it has been sitting there.

What mammal has fur?

Bears have thick fur. Cat and dogs also have nice fur on their body. For mammals it is not uncommon to have fur.