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check fluid levels

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Q: Why does your engine temperature increase and then drop?
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When solid changes to liquid rise in temperature or drop in temperature?

Melting need an increase of the temperature.

Does pressure increase or decrease with temperature drop?

It increases because it just does

Is temperature increase or decrease when the door open of a refrigerator?

The air temperature will increase since the cold air will drop out of the fridge and be replaced by warmer air.

Why does the engine warning light come on in your vauxhall astra with a simultaneous increase in engine temperature followed by a steep drop?

It sounds like the thermostat is opening up late causing the engine to almost overheat before it opens. Replace the thermostat.

What happens if a person gets the wrong blood during a transfusion?

the pulse will increase, the temperature will increase , and the blood pressure will drop

Why does your temperature gauge drop when engine is hot on ford focus2005?

check the antifreeze

What can make the relative humidity increase if the moisture in the air remains the same?

A drop in air temperature.

What are some ways to increase the rate of evaporation of a drop of water?

Increasing the temperature or decreasing the atmospheric pressure will increase the rate of evaporation of water.

Does the teperature drop or rise when a solid turns into a gas?

During the phase change, the temperature remains constant. Once the phase change is complete, the temperature will increase.

What would cause car temperature to rise when stopped but drop when moving or when engine is revved?

The thermostat is failing.

How can the efficiency of a Carnot Engine be increased?

Increase source temperature or decrease sink temperature.More efficient way is to decrease sink temperature.

What causes oil pressure drop when engine has heated up during drive?

The oil gets thinner. It is normal for the oil pressure to drop after the engine has reached full operating temperature. If you have from 30-40 psi pressure when the engine is hot then that is normal.

Why does your body temperature drop?

Your temperature will drop if you feel cold, if you are ovulating and etc.

If you increase volume does temperature increase?

no although if you increase the temperature the volume increases

Why does the car engine temperature increase during idle?

Car engine temp's increase at idle primarily because there is little or no air flowing through the radiator coils to cool the engine coolant. This is partly because the car is not moving, and partly because the cooling fan usually will not activate until a certain temperature is reached.

Can your car function without a thermostat?

it can start but it won't go far as the engine will "explode" because of the increase of temperature. A thermostat regulates the temperature system of your car.. Usually the engine will run too cold with out a thermostat. That will hurt the efficiency of the engine.

Does the temperature rise or drop in the stratosphere?


What happens to the solubility of gases with the increase in temperature?

Solubility of gases increase with increase in temperature

How does temperature affect diffusion?

Diffusion increase when temperature increase.

Why does temperature vary with height?

As temperature increase pressure will increase

How can the relative humidity increase if the amount of water vapor in the air remains unchanged?

The temperature can change (in this case, drop). Relative Humidity is the amount of water air can hold at a certain temperature.

Why does increase in temperature increase the rate of a reaction?

This is because an increase in temperature is an increase in energy level, hence an increase in rate of reaction.

What affects do increased temperature in salivary amylase?

As temperature increases, salivary amylase will be able to achieve optimal performance in breaking down starch into maltase. However, the performance will drop past a certain point of temperature increase.

Global warming is the increase in the average of what?

Temperature of the atmosphere and oceans.its the increase in the temperature of the earthBLANK = "temperature".Temperature

How does increase in temperature affect the solubility of a gas?

The solubility of a gas in a liquid increase when the temperature increase.