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Because some times you don't miss something until it's gone!! And maybe he feels guilty??

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Q: Why does your ex call you?
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What does llamada de mi ex mean?

Call from my ex.

How do you stop talking to the ex?

don't call and/or don't answer his/her call

If you tell you ex t call you and he says no call me should you call?

don't call don't call

Why does my ex call me baby?

She shouldn't as she is your ex - it may have just become a habit for her.

How do you contact fed ex?

Call 1-800-Go Fed ex.

Best ways on how to call your ex when their parents are home and the ex does not get in trouble?

'Ex' means the relationship is over so unless there are children involved there is no reason to call your ex or worry about the exes parents being home. Time for you and your ex to move on and away from each other.

What do you call an ex that you will always love?

his or her first name.. Its utter respect.. Even if they call class you as an ex - it doesn't matter - keep your integrity

What should you call an ex-convict?

An ex-convict is referred to as a Felon or Offender

Should an ex lover be able to kiss hug and call there ex baby when there ex lover has a new partner?


How do you say ex-wife in spanish?

You call your ex-wife in Spanish as 'ex-esposa'. Esposa means wife.

Should i call my boyfriend's ex?


What do you call your ex-mother-in-law?

Typically you would call an ex-mother-in-law by her name. There is no current relationship, but you could introduce her as "My ex-wife's mother" although she might not like that.

Should you call ex for birthday since its the very same day as mine?

Depending on your relationship with your ex you should call them on their birthday, but now if you and your ex don't get along leave her alone. Also if you don't receive a call from them then it's probably not really that big of a deal.

My sis ex husband since they divorce the ex never call or take care of her daughter who is 2yrs 8months and when she call the ex to talk about the child he will hang up the phone. what should she do?

get him to court for his child and yours

Why did your ex call you babe when he has a girlfriend?

he wanted to be with me again

Is it cheating if you call an ex boyfriend just to talk?


Do you call and dead husband and ex-husband?

No, you should not call a dead husband an ex-husband. He should be referred to as the woman's late husband if they were married at the time of his death.

What actors and actresses appeared in Phone Call to an Ex-Girlfriend - 2010?

The cast of Phone Call to an Ex-Girlfriend - 2010 includes: Bruce Hunter as Andy

What will i call my daughter's son?

You would call your daughter's son by his name ex: Hi Jack.

What do you call the mother of your deceased husband?

You still call her your mother in law or if you were divorced you would call her your Ex- mother in law.

Ex girlfriend back?

if the ex girl friends call you and tell her that you have another girlfriend but i would like to be friends.

How do you know if your ex want you back?

If your ex wants you back he/she will call, text, or e-mail you ALL the time.

I have this guy who is in love with me i also love him but my ex guy call him not to go out with me this guy am Tolkien about is in love with me what do you think i should do?

Why does the ex enter in to the picture? Forget the ex and move on. That's probably he is your ex.

Why does he call me if he still loves his ex?

He doesn't know what he wants.

How do you get your ex out of your house?

Simply, call the police. If he is there against your will, it is illegal.