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Why does your fax machine interrupt your dsl internet connection?

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It is because you are using 1 line. Shared line of phone and fax. Fax should have a different phone. or you can use splitter.

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Fax machines interrupt your internet signal if they use the same phone line your dial-up line. If you have a second phone line, you can hook the fax up to that. If you have DSL, Cable or FIOS internet - there should be no interruptions.

One can get a DSL internet connection at internet providers such as Vodafone, OÂ_, Telekom, 1&1, Congstar, Internet America, DSL Extreme, Webopedia or Astca Internet.

The most obvious difference between DSL and cable internet is speed, as cable is much faster. However, they are physically different in that a DSL connection is typically done through a phone line while a cable connection does not require this. DSL internet is usually cheaper and can be available in areas that cable is not.

The main difference between a DSL connection and a dial up connection is that the latter uses a phone line and a modem to connect to the Internet and you cannot use the phone while trying to make a connection. A DSL connection is much faster, you can talk on the phone while being connected to the Internet and the connection is always on.

DSL connection and also broadband is very good services for providing internet. But rather than DSL go for broadband if possible

Local connection just means you have an ethernet chord plugged into you computer. If internet connection through your DSL is down, you don't have internet services. What company do you have DSL through? If you are in the Midwest, look into the possibility of getting AT&T Uverse.

Broadband internet connection are internet connections that are "high speed" non dial-up connection. i.e : Cable internet , DSL internet , Satellite internet

Yes you can use DSL modem to connect to Internet, but you need to have a DSL connection (through a phone line) subscribed and activated with an internet service provider or a phone company which provides DSL internet access. As there are many forms of DSL technologies, you need to make sure that modem is compatible with the service provider network. Typically when you subscribe to a internet connection, the service provider provides their own modem to the customer. - Neeraj Sharma

no, the fastest internet is not dsl its cable internet beside that, it the government internet that the real fastest the fastest you going to get with dsl is 5 mbps a cable or fiber cable you will get 10 or up to 50 mbps of speed depending on the server.

It depends on the provider and the type of connection. It could be dial-up, cable, or DSL. Internet connection speeds are usually measured in Kbps.

If it is just a plain router, not a modem with a router, you would not need a DSL line, specifically. You would need to have an Internet connection. The router just takes an Internet connection and splits it, and converts wired Internet to WiFi. It does not provide the Internet. So if you don't have DSL, then you'd need cable Internet, fiber optic Internet, or satellite Internet.Now, if what you are calling a wireless router also combines a DSL modem, then you would need a DSL line.

Cable or DSL or fibre internet. Check out IVC Telecom for the best deals.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) with different UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD Speeds is called Asymmetric DSL Connection. ADSL connections are generally provided to Home Internet Users as they download more DATA while surfing as compared to their utilization of DATA uploads on Internet Connection. Internet Connections with same upload and download speeds are called Symmetric DSL Connection.

DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) is a broadband Internet connection that uses the wires of a telephone network to deliver a high-speed Internet signal.

DSL, Cable modems, wireless internet and satellite internet.

It all really depends on which phone company you have that is offering you the DSL. To my knowledge, the fastest satellite Internet connection is 12mBit/s, which is approximately 1 - 1.5 mByte/s. DSL is usually anywhere from 1.5mBit/s to 10mBit/sec. As said before, it is suggested that you check out the website of your local phone company to determine what packages they offer.

DSL internet does not loose speed regardless of the distance traveled. Witrh cable the further yu are away from the source the slower your connection.

Yes. DSL is a high speed internet connection and it can support more voip phones.

form_title=Find a DSL Provider form_header=Wire your residence or business for DSL internet services. How fast of a connection did you want to buy?=_ Do you have a land phone line?= () Yes () No Do you want an always on connection or DSL dial up?= () Always On () Dial-Up Who is your current dsl provider?=_

Dial up internet connection? Yes it can but it is recommended to use DSL or any high speed internet connection since VoIP rely on internet.

Is your current dial-up Internet connection too slow? Do you find yourself cringing every time you look at your cable Internet bill? Have you just moved and are looking for an affordable means to search the Internet? A DSL Internet connection could be the answer to all of the above questions. DSL stands for digital subscriber line, and the technology comes into your house via an already connected phone line. With special hardware that is set up on both ends of the line, DSL Internet is able to maintain a steady, continuous connection without threat of being dropped. DSL allows you to search the Web and talk on the phone at the same time due to the difference in the frequency waves being piped into your house by the individual connections. For this reason, DSL has become very popular among users who don’t like tying up their phone line while they are browsing the Internet. Another characteristic of DSL connections that make them so popular is the ease of using the Internet connection on multiple computers. Most new computers are being shipped with internal wireless Internet cards that detect any signal that is being given off by a router. It is extremely easy to set up a network with a DSL connection to get Internet anywhere you go in your house. As this feature is non-existent with dial-up service, this provides further evidence that DSL is the superior Internet connection. When comparing DSL Internet to cable Internet, it is important to look at the value you are getting from both connections in order to understand and appreciate the benefits and downsides of both. While cable Internet speeds are faster than DSL speeds, DSL is a cheaper service because it is piped to your computer through a simple phone line connection. Cable Internet uses frequency waves that are similar to the ones sent to your television. As these waves cost more money to transmit, you Internet bill will be higher than if you were utilizing a DSL connection. While there are advantages and disadvantages to using a DSL connection, it cannot be denied that DSL is a great value for the money you are paying. While the speeds do not rival a cable Internet connection, it is a cheaper means to getting a consistent, reliable Internet connection. It is this attribute that also sets it apart from the more unreliable, slow dial-up connection.

When comparing wireless broadband internet and DSL, Wireless Broadband(assuming it's cable,) is faster compared to DSL. However, there can be a lag in internet speed depending on how many people are using this wireless connection.

There are a number of US based companies that provide low price DSL internet connection. Examples of companies include All Connect, CanDoFinance, Earth Link and Verizon.

There are numerous amounts of different DSL providers out on the market today. When choosing a dsl connection there are numerous things you need to look at. For example, what will you be using the internet for. What speed capabilities do you need and how much are you willing to pay will help you determine the approriate DSL connection.

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