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After a long winter, where a lawn can take a lot of pain from rain, snow, dry weather and more, there are bound to be patches that need a revival in Spring.

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When to fertilize your lawn?

Early Spring.

Why do you have to rake leaves?

If you leave leaves in the fall on your lawn, they will die and you will have patches of dead grass on your lawn next season

When do you fertilize lawn?


What is the Blue early spring lawn flower?

Siberian squill Crocus

Lawn Care Tips for Early Spring?

It's still a bit nippy out there, but the snowbells and crocuses are peeking their little heads out of the ground and the birds are beginning to return. Yes, spring has sprung and it's time to get out there and do a little early spring lawn maintenance that will get your lawn the head start it needs to look lush and beautiful all spring and summer. The following lawn care tips for early spring will help make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.Rake your LawnRaking the lawn in early spring accomplishes several tasks. First, it removes any leaves that fell after the fall raking. Secondly, raking in the early spring will remove thatch. Thatch is a layer of dead grass that accumulates just above the surface of the soil. If the thatch is not removed, this layer of dead grass will block water and nutrients from reaching your lawn's roots. Finally, raking in the early spring will remove matted patches of grass caused by snow mold. If these patches are not removed, newly planted grass will have trouble breaking through these patches.Aerate the LawnIf your lawn is subjected to heavy traffic (most suburban lawns are), the soil is likely to become compacted over time. Compaction causes excessive water and nutrient runoff, which is bad news for your lawn as well as the groundwater supply. The good news is that aerating the lawn is an easy solution to this problem and will help get water and fertilizer down into the roots of your lawn where it belongs and out of the groundwater supply where it doesn't.The process of aerating the lawn involves poking holes in the soil and removing plugs of soil from the ground. This can be done with a simple push aerator or a tow-behind core aerator that can be pulled behind a riding mower. Core aerators are commonly available at local rental centers.Check the Soil pH and Apply Lime if NeededIf you see moss plants growing in the soil in early spring, it's a sign that you have acid soil. Lawns prefer a neutral pH, so you will want to remedy this situation. However, don't just blindly spread lime without knowing how much you will need as this may cause the soil to become too alkaline, which is not good for the lawn either. Instead, before applying lime, take the time to take a soil sample to your local county agricultural extension office. The agricultural extension agent will analyze the soil and advise you as to how much lime should be spread per square foot of lawn.

What season should i Weed and feed my lawn?

Generally, weed and feeds are applied in early-mid spring and early fall.

How often should you fertilize your loan?

Fertilizing a lawn will help make it healthier. It is best to fertilize four times a year in the early spring, late spring, summer and in fall.

Why do the deer and squirrels eat patches of your lawn?

Deer and squirrels are capable of digesting vegetation. To them, your lawn is food. That's why they eat it.

Can you aerate your lawn in the summer?

It is not recommended to aerate your lawn in the summer. You will get the most benefits when you aerate your lawn in the spring.

Why are patches of your yard dying?

If the patches resemble round circles, it might be that you have chinch bugs--they like roots and tend to be active when it gets hot. You can reduce activity by periodically using insecticide on your lawn. In Texas, I used to do well by putting it on the lawn in February and again in August. Somewhere I read that is when their gestation period is. If the area is under a tree, it may be that the tree is getting the nutrients and/or the grass is getting too much shade. Using weed and feed products in the early spring helps avoid having the grass compete with weeds.

When should you start your lawn mowing service?

Early spring most likely. I don't recommend doing so in the winter, it can get cold and blizzard-y.

What is the name of a small white star shaped flower that fills your lawn in the early spring it has a bulb but seeds after blooming and spreads to even more?

Star of Bethlehem

What actors and actresses appeared in Lawn of the Dead - 2013?

The cast of Lawn of the Dead - 2013 includes: Paul Albertson as Gary

How do you care for a lawn?

Lawn care is a year long process that has many steps along the way. Each season requires different lawn care maintenancetechniques so it isn't as simple as saying, "this is how you care for a lawn".First, you must decide whether or not you want a landscaper take over Spring lawn care for you, otherwise get ready to roll up your sleeves. I came across this great Spring Lawn Care Tips & advice

My German Sherpherd is dead on my lawn so what do I do?

If it is dead, then all you can do is bury it.

When do you roll the lawn?

The best time to roll a lawn is in the late spring when the ground is still moist but not completely saturated.

When do you put lime on your lawn?

The best time to apply lime to your lawn would be either late fall or early spring. You might want to do a soil test first just to make sure you need lime and to determine how much you would need.

How often should I be fertilizing my lawn to keep it green?

The answer for this varies depending on which climate one lives in. The general rule of thumb is to fertilize in early spring and late fall. Make sure the lawn is always moist in order for the fertilizer to take hold.

How do you change the clutch spring on a Murray riding lawn mower?

how to install a spring clutch on a murray mower

I need help with my lawn. I have several large dead patches and the lawn is really thin. I get a lot of dandelions and see a lot of mole holes. What's my first step to restore my grass?

* is your lawn properly irrigated? fertilized? * does it get enough sun? maybe too much? if so look for replacement varieties * are there pine trees near by? grass hated pine needles * you can buy grass seeds to thicken and fill in the dead patches * spray a broadleaf weedkiller such as "tomahok" to kill all non grass plants * or you can give up on the grass and find more economical and envirumentaly friendly alternatives

What is the best time of year to apply fertilizer to the lawn?

The best time of the year to apply fertilizer to the lawn is during the spring.

How long do you have to wait to reseed you lawn after applying macamin to your lawn?

Spring time is always best. Awaite the warmer eather

How do you get dog urine stains out of your grass lawn?

Use Dog Rocks, they are brilliant and you will not get burn patches, 100% natural!

Why is the lawn dying under the lawnmower wheel tracks?

Is it as you are mowing or as you leave it sit there? Obviously the lawn will die if you leave the lawnmower sit outside which deprives grass of sunlight and nutrients. If you are talking about the grass dying as you are mowing, it is probably too early to be mowing the grass. This has happened to me when I mow the grass to early in the spring or I cut freshly seeded grass.

When do you roll a lawn?

Usually its good practice to roll a lawn when its fairly wet, such as in early spring, the soil is wet enough that it flattens out with the roller. If you do it later in the summer when the soil is hard and dry there will be little effect, it might just knock down the bigger bumps is all. There is no reason to roll a lawn. A roller is for compacting the surface, a roller will not level a uneven lawn. Rollers are for bowling greens and cricket wickets. Rolling will not level a bad lawn.