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Why does your lower left abdomen hurt when you run?


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you fool! its called a cramp

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It's probably your syatic nerve. It gets pinched when your pregnant and the pain and run down your leg when your in certain positions too, could just be where the baby is laying

could be sciatica a nerve aggitated condition which goes down the back of the leg or legs...but i could be wrong

cause you need to rest so it can feel better

Some times if you run your sides can hurt. So it's possible that it could be runners pain.

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I have the same issue but on my left , I think it has something to do with my lupus ... I hope it's not bad .-.

You could have unstable angina. Heart pain on exertion. You should see a doctor.

so that when you run they dont hit each other.

If you were limping and putting more of your weight onto your left leg that in the long run is most likely what caused you to injure your left leg.If your hurt and you can get crutches or something do!! NEVER limp if you dont need to!It makes it worse for you in the long run!

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An elliptical machine focuses on particular parts of the body, such as the arm, legs and lower abdomen. The treadmill acts as a running-platform for its users, enabling runners to run in place without having to go outside.

when you are running a lot your lungs hurt cause you have baby muscles because my lungs hurt when i run a lot and my trainer said that's why your lungs hurt

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they are woody and spikey and hurt if you run into them

This is because you start developing "stress fracture" to your bone. Take 3 to 4 weeks rest for relief. Always consult your doctor. It will recur if you run on a hard surface for long.

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