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because they saw sadafs enormous face

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Q: Why does your male and female finch not get along?
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Can a male finch live with a female cockatiel?

A male finch can't really live with a female cockatiel as you should not mix straight-beaked and hooked-beak birds.

How Can you tell a male zebra finch apart from a female zebra finch?

a male zebra finch has an orange spotted cheeks, black bars across its breast, and under their wings they have a brown area with white spots in it

Can a female zebra finch lay eggs without a male?

the female cant lay egg without the male

Can you breed a male black faced zebra finch with a female chestnut flanked zebra finch?

you don't

Can you introduce a new female zebra finch to a male one?

if you want babies

How do you know if a goldfinch is a male or female?

the male gold finch is bright yellow with black and white wings the female is brown with black and white wings

Will a female mouse also eat the male that impregnated her along with her babies?

It will not matter if they mated or not, the female will still attack the male.

Will two female zebra finch lay eggs if there is no male?

yes they can, as ours laid one last night lol

Are female and male bettas bad to have together?

Generally they will not get along.

Does it take a male and female finch to have babies?

A finch? Unless I'm thinking of the wrong animal, it's a bird and it can lay fertile eggs that can be hatched. but you must have a male finch with the female, otherwise any eggs it lays will be infertile.

Do budgies and weeros get along?

not sure butif you do get budgies dont put a a male and a male and a female together one male will eat the male then it will eat the female and then it will eat the eggs and then it will die.

Can a grey zebra finch mate or recognize a white or silver zebra finch?

Yes, I do believe they can. Whether it was a male or female, they both can. In the white streak, the female can't recognized the male, and flees him, causing him to be aggressive, but you can breed both white., but since you are talking about the grey streak, they definitely can, its also possible for them to breed. Hope I have helped.