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He loves himself more. Are you sure you want a commitment from a narcissist? He is not ready for a commitment. You need to decide for yourself how long you want to stay in the relationship without a commitment.

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Q: Why does your narcissist tell you he loves you but refuses to give you a commitment?
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Give it a year and if he tells you he loves you, and you can tell that his love is a lifelong commitment and that he wants to marry you, then he probably also likes you and you should get married.

We have been together for 5 years I know he loves me but he won't propose I have brought it up and he is hesitant to give me a real answer what is he waiting for?

It is possible that he is afraid of commitment... Or he is just waiting for the right moment...

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What do you do if the guy you are in love with loves you back and has admitted this but still won't be with you?

Give him space. You can't force somebody in to a relationship. Maybe he isn't ready for commitment yet, or perhaps he's just nervous/afraid. Just wait it out, and keep your love dedicated to him, and see what happens. If he truly loves you, then he'll eventually come out of his shell, and welcome you with open arms.