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It is caused by static electricity. When the paper runs against the binder it is attracted to it like when you rub a balloon on your head and your hair stands up.

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Q: Why does your paper stick to your plastic folder?
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Magnets will stick to iron paper clips, but not to plastic ones.

What does contact paper stick to?

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Will plastic glue stick paper together?

It will for a short while, but will separate when fully cured.

Is there a way to get sharpie off a folder?

Lighty rubbing it with a paper towel that has been dampened with isopropyl alcohol will work on a plastic folder, but fibrous materials tend to soak up the ink too well.

Are paper clips made from iron?

No.........paper clips are made up of steel wire or plastic.

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Poster paint is water-based (and made to be used on paper or card) and does not stick very well on plastic, which is non-absorbent.

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