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There may be something worng with the main prossesor

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What is faster a 50cc scooter or 1600cc scooter?

why a 50CC of course providing it is going against a 1600CC that has a seized engine rolling downhill.

How is energy conserved when a car is going down a hill with no brakes?

The engine doesn't have to use as much fuel when the car is traveling downhill.

Does a heavy car go faster downhill that going uphill?

No the can go faster downhill or uphill

Why do my brakes grab when going downhill?

Your brake might grab when going downhill because the pads are wearing out. The lines may also need bled properly.

Vehicles speed when going downhill tends to?


What does it mean when the Service Engine Soon light comes on along with the battery light?

It is possible that your alternator might be going out. It also could be a problem with your battery. You should have it checked by a professional or you could be stranded .

Your maxima 2000 all the light service engine soon and slip and pcs comes on the engine knock and shakes a lot runs very stubborn it takes for ever to get up to speed?

Could be the o2 sensor going bad or fuel pump

What does it mean when the check engine light is on a for a Toyota RAV4?

Every vehicle has warning lights to inform the driver of things going on. The check engine light comes on because there is something going wrong with the engine.

Is less pedalling suggested when going uphill or downhill?


Is Earth's surface formed by water going downhill?


Does weight affect speed?

It depends... the object could be falling, going straight, going uphill or going downhill.

What is the Lexus warning light with a car going downhill mean if it stays flashing?

if it is a flashing check engine it means your car has a critical fault and will probably die very soon

Why does my Chevrolet Cavalier 97 stall when going downhill?

Your Chevrolet Cavalier 97 might stall when going downhill because it has a bad fuel filter. It could also be the spark plugs misfiring.

Why does your check engine light comes on only on the highway 1986 Buick Wagon?

the sensor is going out

What force accelerates a roller coaster train that is going downhill?


Do semi-trucks speed up going downhill?


1997 Z71 V8 When going up long grades and accelerating the engine feels like its sputtering and the service engine soon light comes on.?

If you have not changed your fuel filter do so; if it still acts up it is likely caused by a lack of fuel; have fuel pump checked.

Why does your car jerk and the engine light comes on when in second gear?

you are going too slow for that gear your engine has very little torque at low rpm

There is an area west of Denver on I 70 where it looks like you are going downhill but the laboring of your cars engine and even my GPS indicates I am going uphill. Anyone else know about this?

In Scotland we call that an "electric brae". There are one or two famous examples, which have become (in a small way) tourist attractions. It is a kind of optical illusion, where the lie of the land tricks your brain into thinking you are going downhill, when the physical reality is the opposite. There you go!

Why is Oprah stopping her show?

because she cares anough that she can accept that the show is going downhill.And i think she is going to depression.

Does a toy car go faster with more weight?

Only if it is going downhill.

When a cyclist is going downhill what makes his bicycle speed up?

It has to do with gravitational pull.

Why poverty is increasing?

The economy is going downhill and a lot of people dont have jobs

What is a George Overdrive?

What you refer to as George overdrive is known in the trucking industry as Georgia overdrive. It is going downhill with your truck out of gear. This is gone down grades to allow the truck to accelerate beyond the normal top speed of the engine in to gear without damaging the engine.

What is the B gear in Lexus RX400h?

Because the RX400h is a hybrid, it regenerates its batteries when slowing down. While doing that, the engine brake is disabled to maximize the regeneration. While going downhill for a long time, you can enable the engine brake by putting it in the B gear.

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