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Why doesn't God heal amputees?


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Philosophers have argued the "Why doesn't god ..." question for many years.

The answer, if there is no god, is simple, because there is no God.

If there is a god he/she/it:

  • Doesn't know about amputees. This makes him less than omniscient
  • If he knows about amputees, he doesn't care. This makes him a bit less caring that the general picture
  • If he knows and cares pecan't do anything about it. This makes him less than all powerful
  • If he knows, cares and can do something about it, but doesn't. Then he's a jerk

Apologists usually fall back onto inscrutable arguments like:

  • We can't understand ->His plan
  • It's for our own good
  • To challenge them to be better
  • Because they deserved to be punished
  • Because they didn't pray enough
  • etc.

The ancient Greeks had an another answer though. The gods mess with human life like small boy stirring an anthill with a stick. Suffering and confusion amuse them.

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Answer from our community:

God does everything for a reason. That person may be blessed with an opportunity to evangelize, and share how God has helped them through life. Christians believe He has the power to heal those people, but what happened to them was done according to God's plan.

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It seems wrong to believe that God would want an amputee to suffer so that they can share with others how God helped them through life, but does not want cancer patients to undergo the same experience. Perhaps it is to do with the fact that cancer sometimes goes into remission for otherwise unexplained reasons, while lost limbs never just regrow.