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Well, in some ways she does because of her songs are kinda about religion, but im not Lady Gaga so i cant say .... if you want to know then ask her

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Is Lady Gaga Catholic?

Lady gaga is catholic. She just doesn't show it. She went to a all girls catholic elementary school.

Is Lady Gaga a devil worshipper?

No Lady Gaga is Roman Catholic, she said so on the Howard Stern Show.

When will Lady Gaga be on the Early Show?

hell she is lady gaga is gay i m her sister she has a penos

Did Lady Gaga say she's not a virgin?

Not to my knowledge, but common sense dictates the answer to this question. Common sense doesnt dictate the answer to this question. When lady gaga was on the Jonathan ross show, she said that when she was having sex with her ex she thought of women.

Is Lady Gaga best friends with Beyonce?

Yes! Beyonce and Lady gaga are best friends! Why do you think they show up in each others' music videos! Lol! I am a huge fan of Lady gaga and Beyonce!!

Is Lady Gaga good at drawing?

Well,if Lady Gaga can wear a meat dress to a award show,she could probaly draw good.

Are there any videos by Lady GaGa that don't actually show Lady GaGa at all?

No, all of her music videos feature her in some way.

How does Lady Gaga show kindness?

being nice to people which she is

Does Lady Gaga show respect?

Yes, infact, Lady GaGa is very devoted to her fans. She respects the gays, her "little monsters", her family and friends.

What television show has Lady Gaga been on?

Lady Gaga has been on many TV shows but most notable would be her performance on American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

How many yers old is lady gaga?

27 it says it in the hellen show.

How can you get tickets now for the next Lady Gaga concert?

there is a website called tickets now. they have wonderful deals on tickets and if lady gaga is having a concert i can guarantee there will be tickets for her show there.

Of what genre is the Lady Gaga song Beautful Dirty Rich?

The genre of the Lady Gaga song Beautiful Dirty Rich is dance / pop song. Lady Gaga wrote and preformed the song, and a version of it was used in promoting the television show Dirty Sexy Money.

Did Lady Gaga show pictures that show proof she is a boy and a girl?

She did not show pictures, but she showed on the Telephone music video.

What is the next live Lady Gaga event?

There are currently no scheduled Lady Gaga live events. Most of them for early 2013 (January-February) were canceled. If one wants to find tickets to a future show, they may want to visit the Lady Gaga official website daily.

On which MTV hit show did Lady Gaga make a special guest appearance?

She was on an episode of The Hills. I think they were throwing a party for Lady GaGa as an up and coming artist and Lauren had to help her.

Is Lady Gaga a Christian?

No. She claims to be, but her lifestyle and beliefs show otherwise. She is anything but Christian.

Who in fluenced Lady Gaga?

At an awards show, a reporter asked her what influences her. She said, "God and the Gays"

Does Lady Gaga has lupus?

She does carry the trait for lupus. It is possible that later in her life, it will show up.

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or Doctor Who?

One is a singer and one is tv show, they are not comparable.

Why did lady gaga make the song you were born this way?

To show everybody is beautiful in their own way.

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