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it depends on the person because i know it makes me laugh!

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Q: Why doesn't laughing gas make people laugh?
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Why Did the laughing Samoans name themselves Laughing Samoans?

Because they make people laugh

What is a laughing contest?

A laughing contest is where 2 or more people have a contest trying to make each other laugh the last person who didn't laugh wins.

Should humor make people laugh?

People can be amused without actually laughing, but laughter does indicate a high level of amusement. So if humor does make people laugh, it is successful.

Can mute voiceless people laugh or cry?

You don't need a voice to laugh or cry, only to make laughing and crying audible to others.

How does nitrous oxide make you laugh if you inhale it?

Nitrous oxide makes you giddy and some people laugh from the experience, thus it's called laughing gas.

Why do people laugh at the victims of crime or make fun of people who commit suicide?

Laughing inappropriately is often a sign of defense or compensation.

What will make you laugh?

not laughing at all because if you laugh to hard and long your side will begin to hurt

What sentence can you make with the word 'laugh'?

"A pie in the face joke is always good for a cheap laugh."

How can you stop Laughing from something?

Try not to think about whatever you're laughing at. Try to think of something that doesn't make you laugh.

How do dentists give you laughing gas?

Laughing Gas or Nitrous Oxide (N2O) to use it proper name is used as an anesthetic.

Can you help me because i am having weird dream that people are trying to make me laugh because i don't like laughing?

The Dream is That Comedians even T.V. Sitcom Characters are trying to make me laugh because I don't Laugh at Funny Things or T.V. Sitcoms.

What will happen if you laugh too much?

If you laugh to much; you can cause serious damage to your lung and laugh box. According to the science agency, laughing to much can cause your voice to lose and will make you have sugery to remove your laughing box. I advise you to stop laughing to much for this won't have surgery but you can lose your voice for a short time,I'm sorry but there is no such thing as a "laugh box" maybe a diaphragm.