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Because they don't have chloroplasts. Animals get their glucose from food.

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What cell does photosynthesis occur?

photosynthesis doesnt occur in a certain cell it occurs in a part of the cell called chlorophyll

Why animals and people cannot have photosynthesis?

photosynthesis can only occur when there is chlorophyll. Animals and people do not have chlorophyll and only plants have it.

What would happen to photosynthesis in a plant grown that doesnt have water?

Photosynthesis in plants cannot occur without water.

What happens if vegetables don't get enough sun?

they die obviously....becoz photosynthesis doesnt occur.

Do photosynthesis occur in plants and animals?

Photosynthesis only occurs in plants, on the leaves, to produce nutrients for it. Animals all respire, which is effectively the opposite of respiration.

Does photosynthesis only occur in plants?

No, it also occurs in fungi and some kinds of bacteria , but it does not occur in animals.

What is one reason that photosynthesis does not occur in animals?

Photosynthesis does not occur in animals because we can not (nor do we need to) make our own food through a chemical process involving sunlight, oxygen, and water that turns those three ingredients into sugar.

Does photosynthesis occur in plants and animals?

Photosynthesis occurs in plants. Only plants have chloroplasts. There are some corals (animals) that look green and appear to carry out photosynthesis. In fact there are microscopic algae (zooxanthellae) inside the corals (endosymbiosis). The algae have the chlorophyll and perform photosynthesis.

What organelle has to be present for photosynthesis to occur?

chloroplasts, because photsynthesis only occurs in plants, not animals

Does photosynthesis occur in the mitochondria?

No. Photosynthesis does not occur in the Mitochondria. It occurs in the chloroplast.

Where does photosynthesis occur within a plant?

yes! photosynthesis occur in leaves.

Where do all the reactions of photosynthesis occur?

All reactions of photosynthesis occur in the chloroplasts.

What is the importance of photosynthesis in animals?

it is not happening in animals. but animals using carbohydrates from photosynthesis.

What thing have to happen for photosynthesis to occur?

What is needed to occur is Water, Carbon Dioxide, chorophyll, sunlight for the Photosynthesis to occur.

What is required for photosynthesis to occur?

Photosynthesis needs light, water and carbon dioxide to occur.

In which part of a plant cell does photosynthesis occur?

in which part of a plant cell does photosynthesis occur

What are avantages of air?

The advantages of air include breathing in humans and animals and to enable photosynthesis to occur in plant life.

Can photosynthesis occur without oxygen?

Photosynthesis does not require Oxygen. Oxygen is produced by photosynthesis.Photosynthesis need Carbon dioxide. It cannot occur without CO2

Can photosynthesis occur in water?

Photosynthesis can occur in shallow and clear water that sunlight can get through. It can also occur on the surface of water.

All the reactions of photosynthesis occur in the?

chloroplastChloroplasts.all of photosynthesis happen in the leafAll reactions of photosynthesis occur in the chloroplasts.

Where does the reactions of photosynthesis occur in the of plant cells?

The reactions of photosynthesis occur in the chloroplast in the cells in plants.

Where does photosynthesis usually occur in epidermis?

Photosynthesis happens in plants. It does not occur in the epidermis (which is part of an animal).

How do animals depend on photosynthesis?

Animals depend on photosynthesis for food and oxygen.

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