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1.its too thin so it defrosts really quickly and contains salt good are artic rolls?

3. they are the bomb!

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Q: Why doesn't the sponge in an Arctic roll freeze?
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What is an arctic roll?

An arctic roll is a dessert similar to a jelly roll, but using ice cream instead of jelly.

What is the texture of Swiss roll?

The texture of a Swiss roll is a moist, light and fluffy sponge cake. To avoid cracks in your Swiss roll you have to roll the sponge as soon as It comes out of the oven. then leave to cool on a cooling rack. then unfold the Swiss roll and fill with a filling of your choice. The sponge should be light and airy, not like a thick sponge cake. Hope this helps :)

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What is the chocolate log?

it is a sponge roll (swiss roll) filled with cream and covered in chocolate, for those people who do not like christmas cake

What can you bake without butter?

A fatless sponge, e.g. Swiss Roll or a flan base.

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Try it, then EAT IT FATTY.

Can you cover cheese balls with walnuts before you freeze it or wait until you defrost it to serve?

do I roll the cheese ball in nuts before I freeze or when I thaw them out

Where can one find recipes for making a jelly roll?

A jelly roll is a homemade sponge cake that is filled with your favorite jelly of choice. If you are looking to find recipe's for making a jelly roll, you can locate some on the Betty Crocker site.

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