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because not all the parts of the world are the same so their money might might not be the same like grupies and dollars

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Q: Why doesn't the world have the same currency?
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Is Brazil's currency the same as the us currency?

NoThe currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real.The currency of the USA is the US dollar.Most countries in the world have their own currency.

Best currency in the world?

Euro Is the best currency in the world

What is the currency in Brisbane?

The currency in Brisbane is the same as the currency in the rest of Australia - the Australian dollar.

Are NIS and ILS currency the same?

yes, the same. both are acronyms for the Israeli currency.

What is Optimum Currency Area theory?

It is a theory in economics that says which regions or countries in the world should share the same currency. This theory helps when a country is thinking of joining a currency zone (joining the euro zone in Europe, for instance).

Highest currency in the world?

In according to my opinion our own currency is highest currency......

What is currency in Texas?

The same currency as the rest of the United States...

What is the poorest currency in the world?

Vietnam currency dongo

Why is it the US dollar widely accepted as world wide currency?

It is the world's reserve currency.

What type of money was used in 17th century Plymouth?

The same currency used in the "old world" was used in the new. I suspect they were too busy carving out a settlement to survive the harsh New England winters in order to pay the currency any attention. I know the denominations of currency were at least the same and I can't imagine them diverting time/energy to strike new currency.

What are the different currencies in the world?

There are many different currencies in the world. Some countries share currencies like the euro and some countries have the same name for the currency but they are not the same currency like American dollar and the Canadian dollar. the most popular currencies are dollar, euro, pound, yen, ruble ect.

What currency was used at the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

As the FIFA World Cup in 2014 is in Brazil, the currency will be the Brazilian Real, which is the currency of Brazil.