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Why doesn't Netflix have more anime streaming?


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September 14, 2011 12:02AM

Netflix is always updating their streaming catalog. Major additions were made to their anime catalog today 10/01/10. However, they are still lacking in streaming anime titles. The first problem is that the rights to different anime are owned by so many different companies. There aren't like 8 huge production studios like there are for regular movies made in America. Getting all these companies to agree to stream their shows takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Another big problem is money. Many anime shows don't generate a lot of money in America. Because a person can just watch an anime on Netflix streaming or DVD, the anime studios don't get as much money as if all those people had bought those dvds themselves. Another problem with anime in America is that many times anime is ridiculously expensive. A four-episode DVD can cost you $20, and many shows are 5 or more discs long, meaning a whole season can cost upwards of $100+. In contrast many live action or even animated American show's seasons are $30-$60. These prices can deter a curious customer from purchasing anime. Although interest in anime in America grows more and more, it is still a niche market. Films by people like Hayao Miyazaki help bring anime mainstream success and exposure in the U.S., but many people still view anime as just cartoons. All this leads many of those in "power" in the movie and television industry to neglect anime, which makes it less visible in the U.S., which makes anime less money in the U.S., which makes it less likely for Netflix to have access or "the right" to stream anime titles.