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Why doesn't Windows XP run on a 80486 processor?

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There are several reasons why Windows XP does not run on a 486:

1. Most 486 computers simply cannot support enough memory to run Windows XP. 64 MB is pretty much the maximum you'd ever find in a 486; 8 to 16 MB is most common.

2. The kernel in Windows XP is SMP-enabled by default. To support SMP, Windows XP uses an instruction called CMPXCHG8B, which is only found in Pentium and later processors.

3. In order to allow for optimizations on-the-fly, such as using MMX or SSE instructions, Windows XP also requires the CPUID instruction, which only the later 486 processors had.

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Can run windows in apple computer?

Yes, you can run Windows on a Mac with an Intel processor. You cannot run Windows on a Power PC processor Mac.

Can Intel 4 run win 7?

It's depend on what you mean by "intel 4". If you mean "pentium 4" : yes, it is fully compatible with windows 7 32-bit and some models of pentium 4 can run the 64-bit version too. If you mean "80486" (or 486) : no, that processor can't run Windows 7 or even XP.

Can you install Windows 7 on an Intel Atom processor?

Yes. Windows 7 will run on a computer with an Intel Atom processor.

You have an 80486 computer and need to install either Windows XP 64-bit or 32-bit. Which one is best and why?

Both are impossible. An 80486 is far below the minimum requirements for Windows XP, and lacks certain instructions used by Windows XP that are only found in Pentiums and later. Examples include CMPXCHG8B, CPUID, and CMOV. The last version of Windows to officially support the 486 was Windows NT 4 and Windows 98. Windows ME and 2000 could be shoehorned onto it, but it ran extremely poorly.64-bit versions of XP only run on 64-bit processors, such as the Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64. The 80486 is a 32-bit processor, so even if the above were not true, you couldn't run the 64-bit version.

Windows does not run on an Intel microprocessor?

Windows does run on an Intel processor. It just does not run on an 8085. It requires an 8086/8088 (Windows 3.1) or 80386 (Higher versions) to run.

Can you install Windows XP on a 486?

No. Windows XP will not run on a computer with a 486 processor.

What kinds of computers is Windows compatible with?

In order to run a Windows OS you need to have an Intel processor. Mac OS X will only run on an apple computer. Some apple computers are using an Intel processor so you can run a Windows OS or Mac OS.

Can you run Windows XP on an Intel Core i3 processor?


Can windows 7 work on intel core 2 Dou processor 1.2GHz?

Yes, it should run on such processor.

Does Windows 98 support dual core processors?

No. Windows 98 does not support more than one processor. You can run Windows 98 on a dual-core processor, but only one core will be used.

What apple computer can you run windows OS on?

An Intel processor Apple Computer.

What is Windows Command Processor?

Command processor in windows is the command prompt(cmd). To start Windows command processor use winkey + R this will open Run window.Just type in cmd and this will open command prompt of windows where you can run various commands.You can create,delete files and folders, list the directory contents and can perform many other functions in command prompt.

Can you run Windows XP on an Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 processor?


Will windows 98 run on a dual core processor?

It will run, but very poorly. I recommend not using Windows 98. Windows 98 is very unsecured, incompatible, and very unreliable in todays computers.

Which windows 7 can you run on a dell optiplex gx520 4gb ram 2.8 ghz Pentium d processor?

Windows ultimate

Does your computer have to be switched on for Windows Defender to run a scan?

No, the computer doesnt have to be switched on.

Can you run Windows XP on an Intel Core i5 32 bit processor?

yes u can

Can you run iTunes on a netbook?

Depending upon the processor power of the NetBook it is possible to run iTunes on a NetBook with the Windows operating system

Can Windows Vista Home Basic run on a Pentium 233 processor?

Probably not well. While Vista is an older version of Windows, it is still made for a multicore processor. The best OS to run on that CPU and speed would likely be Windows 2000. Also, machines that are that slow likely don't have much memory.

Does Maplestory work on thinkpad edge?

MapleStory will run on any computers with Windows Xp, Vista and 7. If it doesnt run on Windows 7, try right clicking GameLauncher and changing properties so that it is Run As Administrator. if it still doesnt run, you might have to run it as Vista, also on the right click tab

Can a centrino processor run Windows Vista?

Yes, but much slower than it would run Windows XP or a Linux distribution. Make sure your computer has at least 1GB of RAM to run Vista decently.

What is slowest processor that can work on Windows XP?

As an absolute, that may never be known. Officially, Windows XP requires a 233 MHz Pentium processor. Experiments conducted by various people have run Windows XP on processors underclocked to just 7 MHz.

Which computer was windows designed to run on?

Windows was not designed to run on any particular computer, but rather any computer compatible with the original IBM PC. After IBM stopped making personal computers, Windows was designed to run on any computer with an x86 compatible processor and BIOS.

What is the current version of Microsoft Windows for a desktop Apple Macintosh?

An Apple Macintosh computer with an Intel processor will run any Windows from XP to 7. The majority of Macintosh users prefer not to run Windows at all and manage fine without it.

Can an omnibook xe3 run windows 7?

No>It is not capible with windows 7 because the processor is less the 1 GHz and it has less than 1 GB of ram.