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he never said he doesnt...


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nope he prefers smart brunettes

yes she does but only as a crush but nat doesnt like allie

no nat wolff is straight

Me, KamilaNat Wolff must like sombody but he hasn't said.

It probobly doesnt matter.

no he doesnt hav an account

Alex Wolff doesnt like anyone right now.... but both him and Nat has a crush on Kirsten Stewart

Nat Wolff likes a girl who is pretty and funny.

he said he likes funny, pretty girls and he doesnt like it when people eat with their hands.

yes nat wolff has gotten sick before like you and me

I guess Nat Wolff does like African Americans because he has an African American in the band I guess Nat Wolff does like African Americans because he has an African American in the band

nat wolff doesnt wear glasses.... well, hes never worn glasses in any pictures... maybe he wears contacts...

Michael Wolff not Sonny Wolff like on the show

I'm not sure but I'm sure that both nat and alex wolff are single

nat wolff is not italian.

Yes Alex and Nat Wolff are brothers

Miranda Cosgrove Has A Crush On Nat Wolff But Doesn't Like Him That Much She'd Rather Be Friends

he doesnt hav a GF!!!! he has a brother named Alex! but HE DOESNT HAV A GF!

No...Rebecca Black is like 12 or 13 and Nat Wolff is 16 and will be 17 in December.

yes nat wolff is hott sexy ext! NAT WOLFF IS VERY HOTT AND SEXY, I AGREE!!! ;)

No, Alex and Nat Wolff do not have a sister.

Nat Wolff does not have a new dog.

No Nat Wolff does not want a sister.

Nat Wolff goes by Wolffman.

Yes he does and its THE BEATLES!

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