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Why dogs will stop eating?


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They could be pregnant. You need to see your vet ASAP. It could be many things such as twisted bowel, etc., or simply the dog is not well just like humans have their off days. Let the vet diagnose this problem.


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Alot of female dogs will stop eating 3 days before they delivery their puppies.

Yes, dogs usually lose their appetite when they are about to give birth.

what are the eating habits of dogs

If they are eating their waste it could mean they are missing an essential component from their diet, or maybe its just a behavioral habit that requires training to make them stop.

When you feed your dog people food on a regular basis they would stop to eat dog food because you made them used to eating people food.

When dogs stop eating, it is usually a sign of extreme pain or stress. You need to have your dog evaluated by a vet today.

The only thing that worked with my dogs was to put chicken wire around them!

Get the dog some good chew toys. Dogs need to chew.

It can be difficult to tell your dog's death is imminent. Dogs are very stoic creatures. Dogs who are close to death may convulse, become lethargic, stop eating or stop drinking.

Yes pregnant dogs stop eating one or two days before they have their puppies. I know this by my dog Emma has had about five or more litters she is pregnant right now with her sixth litter due on 01/17/10 and today is 01/16/10.

Well if a dog is not eating i would take them to the vet to see if anything is wrong with the dog. It is different with all dogs because i know some people who had the same problem. So just get your pet checked out just in case. I have two dogs that are dash-hounds and they where eating fine when they where on heat. :)

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There are products you can buy for this check with your local feed and seed if they don`t have it call your vet.

When dogs have indigestion, they eat things like flowers or plants to make their stomachs stop hurting. However, dogs can sometimes have bloat, so if you see a dog eating flowers, take him/her to the vet.

if the dog constantly eats it can become obese and develop serious heath problems, dogs should be discouraged from eating all the time. also if the dog does eat alot it should be exercised regulaly to help provent obesity.

Dogs like food because they would starve without food just like you and me. Or, they are overweight and they just can't stop eating dog food. Either one.

dogs grow by eating well.... sometimes

It is extremely common for dogs to eat poo. If I were you I would try to stop your dog/s from eating it as I have known of dogs getting very ill from eating it and had t go onto special vet food and medication which cost a bomb! Some dogs may be very close to death if they have to much!

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