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Q: Why don't they fill the fuel cells with lead shot?
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Did lise meitner discovery lead to other investigation?

i dont now someone give me the answer im desperate

How can infrared waves burn you?

well, you dont feel it but it givs you a sun burn and too much can lead to malenoma which is cancer.

Can you eat a bullet?

I dont see why you would try, and my answer would be no. Bullets contain lead, which is poisonous, so unless you want lead poising, dont eat one The infamous KTW round was cast out of solid brass, so if you're absolutely determined to eat a bullet, I'd try and find one.

What is the percentage of lead in the lead pencil you are using?

there is no lead in lead pencil.

A picture of an element?

Fuel elements for PWR and BWR are described here (from Wikipedia) There is a picture shown but pictures don't reproduce on Wikianswers. Pressurized water reactor (PWR) fuel consists of cylindrical rods put into bundles. A uranium oxide ceramic is formed into pellets and inserted into Zircaloy tubes that are bundled together. The Zircaloy tubes are about 1 cm in diameter, and the fuel cladding gap is filled with helium gas to improve the conduction of heat from the fuel to the cladding. There are about 179-264 fuel rods per fuel bundle and about 121 to 193 fuel bundles are loaded into a reactor core. Generally, the fuel bundles consist of fuel rods bundled 14x14 to 17x17. PWR fuel bundles are about 4 meters in length. In PWR fuel bundles, control rods are inserted through the top directly into the fuel bundle. The fuel bundles usually are enriched several percent in 235U. The uranium oxide is dried before inserting into the tubes to try to eliminate moisture in the ceramic fuel that can lead to corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. The Zircaloy tubes are pressurized with helium to try to minimize pellet cladding interaction (PCI) which can lead to fuel rod failure over long periods. In boiling water reactors (BWR), the fuel is similar to PWR fuel except that the bundles are "canned"; that is, there is a thin tube surrounding each bundle. This is primarily done to prevent local density variations from effecting neutronics and thermal hydraulics of the nuclear core on a global scale. In modern BWR fuel bundles, there are either 91, 92, or 96 fuel rods per assembly depending on the manufacturer. A range between 368 assemblies for the smallest and 800 assemblies for the largest U.S. BWR forms the reactor core. Each BWR fuel rod is back filled with helium to a pressure of about three atmospheres (300 kPa).

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Electrical energy is continuously obtained.

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you dont get lead pencils anymore

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Diesel fuel does not have lead added, but it is not the same as unleaded gasoline.Diesel fuel does not have lead added, but it is not the same as unleaded gasoline.

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