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Because salt water is very corrosive and so all the moving metal parts would have to be specially treated.

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Q: Why don't we use salt water for toilets?
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How do you get rid of thick ice with A spade?

dont use a spade. use salt or hot water

What is the difference between normal and low flush toilets?

low flush toilets use less water.

Do hermit crabs need water with no chlorine?

YES! they need distilled water and sea salt water. dont use table salt it will blister hermies gills and kill them. Mix the right measure of sea salt and distilled water.

How do astonauts use the washroom?

they have toilets that use air rather than water. ~Jason

How many liters of water does the old Crane toilets use?

13 litres

How many gallons of water did toilets from 1986 use?

Ideally 3.5 GPF

When do you use salt water?

we use salt water while one gets dehaidretion

Is it better for fish to have more salt in their water?

Only salt water fish. But if you have a pet salt water fish then it is better to use sea salt and research on how much sea salt to use.

How much water do you use for toilets?

There are many different toilets . -Old style toilets used too use up to 20 litres per flush. New toilets in north America are now restricted to 13 or 6.5 litres per flush. many even have the choice,by which button you press.

Will salt water make acne go away overnight?

Yes it can,but just make sure you dont use a whole container!

Is the Atlantic fresh water or salt?

Salt, but the term "seawater" is better to use.

Where you use can?

You can use evaporation to separate salt from a solution of salt and water.