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Because they are not mechanical waves. That is, their existence

does not require any waving or wiggling material.

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Q: Why don't electromagnetic waves require a medium?
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What types of waves do not require a medium?

Electromagnetic waves. They travel in space-time. Also, light waves dont require a medium. :) Brittany <3Luv u<3~<3~

How does the non-mechanical waves move through the space?

Non-mechanical waves(radio waves) which are sent into space are nothing but electromagnetic waves similar to light waves.Unlike sound waves or water ripples(waves) which require a medium to propagate in,electromagnetic waves are self-sustaining waves.We know that a moving charge causes a magnetic field and a moving magnetic field induces an electric field.Since an electromagnetic wave comprises of both electric waves and magnetic waves which are caused by each other,therefore they dont require a medium for propagation.

Do light waves require a medium?

They dont need it, but they can use it

Why dont electromagnetic waves need a medium?

EMR acts like a wave, but it is also made up of particles called photons. Particles do not need a medium to move through space.

It is possible for an electromagnetic wave to travel through a vacuum?

Yes!! elecromagnetic waves dont need an airy medium to travel.They can travel in vacuum as well.

Is a microwave a mechanical wave?

No. Microwave is a radio wave, which is an electromagnetic wave.No, its actually an electromagnetic waves, just like X-rays and visible light...electromagnetic waves dont need to go through medium ( solid, liquid, gas).

Electromagnetic waves dont carry any matter what do they carry?

Electromagnetic waves carry energy, not matter.

How are mechanical waves made?

i dont know realy just fail it im telling you the truth even though you dont want to know the truth sorry if its like 1 question you dont get out of 20 then whatever no porb sorry ily jk i dont know u lmao :) Somebody else wrote that, and WHOEVER it was, obviously shouldn't have ANSWERED it. Just a tip: If you see a question, and you DON'T know the answer, wait for someone else to answer it so you don't look like an idiot on the internet. Now, on to the question at hand. Mechanical waves always require a medium, which are the actual material (or matter) that the wave travels through. Mechanical waves are made when particles of matter vibrate back and forth. Examples of Mechanical waves are ocean waves, sound waves, or even when you're in a stadium and and everyone moves their arms to make a theoretical "wave." Waves themselves are actually just a disturbance that transmits energy from place. There are two types of waves, Mechanical, and Electromagnetic. (FYI electromagnetic waves do NOT require a medium) I also know a whole lot about the anatomy of a wave, but I'll just wait for someone else to ask that question...

What is the fundamental difference between electromagnetic waves and other waves?

they dont send out magnetic signals

Waves that dont require a medium are called?

Light waves and 'radio' waves (i.e. infra red, UV, xray, etc.) At one time it was thought they did have a medium. A sort of 'gelatin' that went throughout the universe. The called 'the ether'. You see the term used a lot in radio magazines of the 1910s and 1920s.

How do electromagnetic waves and light years relate?

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Which electromagnetic waves have the shortest wavelength?

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How are radio waves affected in the atmosphere?

I dont think they do, Radio waves diffract less and arn't affected by the ionosphere which is the upper part of the atmosphere. Most electromagnetic waves are affected severely by the atmosphere, which is a good thing due to the strength they carry EXCEPT microwaves *Apparantly*.

What type of waves produce earthquakes?

Waves dont create earthquakes, earthquakes create waves

How do sound waves produce vibrations?

sound waves dont produce vibrations, vibrations are sound waves.

How does waves manifest?

they dont

What are the kinds of electromagnetic waves?

radio microwaves(dont take it too litaraly) visible ultraviolet infrared x-rays gamma rays

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What is the electromagnetic dependent variable?

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How do you detect an electromagnetic signal?

u dont need 2 no

Which waves have shorter wavelenght's radio waves or x-rays?

X rays dont go as far as radio waves

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