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First check the bulbs and sockets with a 12v tester, if there is no current going to the bulbs then I would look to the back-up light switch as the problem. This should be on your transmission with a small wire harness coming from it. I hope this helps you. Mark

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โˆ™ 2005-11-27 14:02:42
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Q: Why don't your reverse lights come on in your 95' blazer?
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Why dont your reverse lights come on when backing up on your 1994 Toyota Celica?

There is a switch on the shifter or trans that turns on the lights when the vehicle is placed in reverse, it is out of adjustment or faulty. And don't forget the bulbs or fuses as a cause.

Why dont my reverse lights work?

check nutral safety switch

What can it be if the reverse lights on a 2005 chevy cavalier 5 spd dont work bulbs already been replaced and fuses are good?

Defective reverse light switch.

99 Audi A4 reverse lights do not work on either side The bulbs are good and there are no blown fuses Brake lights and driving lights are fine What may be causing this?

On my 98 A4 1.8T I had the same problem. The problem was the entire headlight switch on the stearing column went bad. I dont know if the headlight switch has anything to do with the reverse lights but from my own experience the reverse light problem is caused by thhe reverse light switch which is in the gearbox. I got a price of

How do you disengage automatic lights on 1998 Malibu?

i dont believe you can do that, unless you take out the fuse that makes the lights come on automatically

2001 chey blazer brake lights dont work third brake stays on?

The 2001 Chevy Blazer brake lights may not work and the third bake stays on because the current light needs to be replaced. A replacement brake light can be purchased at an Auto Parts store like Pep Boys.

Does a 1997 peugeot 106 have reverse lights?

Yes, though they arent imediately obvious as they are hidden by a red tint. Turn on ignition so the dash lights up, but dont start the engine, put the gearstick in reverse and walk round back of the car. voila.

Way your head lights do not work?

Had my headlamps replaced but auto running lights dont come on now..figures it might be a fuse?

Why does the brake lights on a 1996 Pontiac Firebird work in reverse with the headlights ON and normal with the headlights OFF?

if i read that right lol all cars do that that is just the way they are set up if ur lights arent on your brake light dont need to be on hell as long as someone sees your reverse lights ur fine but anyways all cars do that

How to check backup lights working on 1999 park avenue?

get a friend to check them when u have the can in reverse.. or dont start the car and put it in revers and check them urself

How do you stick school badges on blazers?

you can iron over the badge on the blazer the it should stick on it if it dont then you have to sew it on your blazer

How do you reverse pneumatics?

you dont

Does a 2002 Honda 400ex have reverse?

no they dont have reverse unlil 2005

Your signal lights come on but dont blink on my impala?

You either have a bulb burnt out or the turn signal flasher is bad.

Blazer rack and pinion were can it leak?

it cant they dont have one.

How do you fix your brake lights in a 94 blazer that are always on?

Under the dash where the brake pedal rests there should be a switch that the pedal hits when it is released, push it in with your hand, if the lights go out then it needs to be adjusted out toward the pedal by loosening the jam nuts on either side and threading them back. If the lights dont go out then that switch will need to be replaced.

Why dont the tail lights and brake lights on a 1994 Ford F150 work even though the headlights and reverse lights do?

All those circuts are seperate. They each have there own fuse. If all the tail lights and brake lights are out check the main wire harness that feeds them. Check to see if it's been damaged or unplugged. Check the fuses of course. Check the bulbs also.

Brake lights dont work but reverse lights do all bulbs and fuses been checked ford galaxy 02 2.3 petrol?

Defective or out of adjustment brake light switch. Look somewhere on the upper part of the brake pedal for the switch.

What if your inside lights dont come on when open the doors of your Jeep Patriot?

Check to see what position the light switch is in first

How do you repair headlight on a 1985 s10 blazer that dont work at all?

Pop the hood, take off the front grill, remove old lights, replace with new ones. The headlights will probably be mounted on a frame.

Is an 01 Grand Prix GT supposed to have daytime running lights?

yes. grand prixs come with them. i dont like it personally

How do you tell what is wrong with the 4 wheel drive on a 1984 blazer?

I dont know, why dont you tell us, so we can help you?

How do night lights work?

They dont

1980 camaro your turn signal stoped working the lights just come on and dont blink?

Either the front or rear bulb is burnt out.

What did newton find out about lights?

i dont really know but i think he was finding about the directions of the lights