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Earth is a protective ground that is not intended to carry operating current. Neutral, on the other hand, while grounded at the distribution panel and at the service entrance, is intended to carry operating current. As such, neutral is properly insulated and designed to rise to the same temperature as the hot conductors, while earth is not. Also, many ground-fault-current-interrupting (GFCI) breakers operate on the principle of differential current between hot and neutral - returning current back on earth instead of neutral will cause those breakers to trip.

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Q: Why dont you use earth wire place of neutral?
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Why is ground wire bare?

So that you will know it is the earth ground wire and not the neutral wire or the hot wire. The neutral white wire is not necessarily connected to the same place as the earth ground wire. It is also bare because it does not matter if it touches a metal exterior since it is supposed to be connected to that anyway for safety. Both the neutral white wire and the hot black wire are insulated so they will not normally short to the bare ground wire.

What position would you find live electrical wire?

You would find a live electric wire, with a neutral and usually also an earth wire, in any place where electricity is used. The wires are colour coded differently in different areas but in Europe live is brown, neutral is blue and earth is green/yellow.

How does a neutral wire work?

Appliances are supplied with current through two conducting wires called the live and the neutral. Most appliances also have an earth wire. The neutral wire is the one which is connected to earth at the nearest transformer supplying the property, so the voltage between neutral and earth normally does not exceed a few volts, which is due to the supply current flowing through the resistance of the neutral wire.

Can loose neutral wire effect the operation of Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker?

Yes, a loose neutral wire can effect the operation of Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker.

Which wire is the fuse in - earth live or neutral?


What is the color of the earth wire live wire and neutral wire?

US standard Earth is green, live is black, and neutral is white UK Live is brown, neutral is blue, and earth is green with yellow stripe. Since in the US the earth is referred to as the ground wire it is assumed you are asking about UK standard.

Name the materials used as conducting wires in domestic wiring?

live wire,earth wire and neutral wire

How do you reduce neutral to earth voltage in three phase system?

It is done by connecting the neutral to earth at the transformer that produces the three-phase supply. If the three phase wire supply equal currents, there is no current in the neutral wire and its whole length stays at earth potential, but if there is current in the neutral it produces a small voltage on the neutral at places away from the transformer.

Can earth wire be used as a neutral wire?

No, an earth wire has a specific safety role in an electrical circuit that does not allow it to be used as one of the two current-carrying wires.

How do you identify neutral and ground or earth wire means if someone has changed the terminals of wire then how will we identify which one is neutral and which one is earth?

mee too in the same situation. anyone help us out pl.

What happen if you connect earth wire in place of neutral wire?

If there's no earth leakage protection unit in your main Distribution Board then the device will operate normally since the neutral and earth conductors are one on the supply side. But if there's Earth Leakage then because of the imbalance in the currents flowing through the Earth Leakage it will trap. What is called 'earth wire' in Europe is called 'ground' in the US and is often bare. Using a bare conductor as a neutral exposes you to potential shock. If the bare wire is properly connected at the panel, all is fine. But if you touch this bare neutral and provide a better grounding connection than the panel provides, you become part of the circuit to whatever device that circuit supplies. What is often missed in this scenario is that with the neutral being after the load, the load limits the current and your shock WILL NOT TRIP THE BREAKER.

Can you use earth wire as a neutral wire?

No, this is a very dangerous procedure especially to anyone that works on the electrical system.

What devices get a neutral wire?

All devices use two wire, the live and the neutral. These carry the current used by the device. Most devices also have an earth wire for safety, which carries no current until a fault occurs and then the fault current in the earth wire might save someone from being electrocuted.

What will happen without a neutral wire?

Current needs a return path to earth to flow. The neutral carries this flow. Therefore, no neutral and no current flow.

What is neutral line in electricity?

Neutral or common provides return path for current to earth ground. In your home it is the white wire.

What is third wire in a three-pronged plug call?

Phase, Neutral and earth

Why doesn't current flow through the neutral to earth?

The 'hot' wire delivers current from the power station into the load, which could be any electrical appliance such as, for example, a fridge, a light or a motor.The 'neutral' wire is there for the specific purpose of carrying the current coming out of the load back to the power station. If the neutral wire was not there, there would not be a complete electrical circuit from the source (power station) to the load and back to the source.In normal operating conditions the connection from the neutral wire to the Earth does not carry any current.There should always be 0 V (zero volts) between the neutral wire and the Earth. i.e. no potential difference should ever exist between the neutral wire and the Earth.The "neutral to earth" connecting wire is fitted to ensure that no part the neutral side of the circuit can develop a high voltage above Earth. If that connecting wire wasn't in place and the circuit had no other protection device (such as a GFCI or RCD) fitted, a very dangerous electrical shock hazard could be present which could electrocute the people using the appliance.That is why any grounding wires, fitted either to the appliance or to the breaker box, should never ever be cut or removed.

Is it ok to connect the green ground wire to the white neutral wire in house wiring?

The electrical code states that the only place that the ground wire comes into contact with the neutral wire is at the distribution panel. All other circuits connected to the distribution panel require the ground to come back as a separate wire. No where in the field wiring must a neutral wire connect to a ground wire.

What do the 3 wires in plug do?

US the black wire is your hot the white wire is your neutral in other words your load and the bare copper is your ground wire. UK The brown wire is live, the blue is neutral and the Green/Yellow is earth.

What is a floating neutral wire?

a loose connection of a neutral wire

What is the job of the neutral wire in a 3 pin plug?

The 3 wires are live, neutral and earth. The current travels along the live and neutral because 2 wires are needed for the the current to flow, while the earth is a separate safety wire that normally carries no current, until a fault occurs.

What colors are electrical wires with number reference?

eletrical wire has 3 specif colour coding. As live wire ,neutral wire,earth wire. - red 2.neutral-black - green. These are the specific color coding of eletrical wire.

Is brown live and blue neutral?

When it comes to electricity and plugs, brown is live, blue is neutral and the green and yellow wire is the earth.

Why nuteral is earthed in generator?

lets take an e.g. to answer it try to connect your neutral wire to earth .you will get exact 210-220v This is because neutral is not exactly at zero due to the Resistance of the wire from source to our home. now if we connect the neutral to earth the neutral become exactly zero and we get full supply.

What does an open neutral mean?

Typical home wiring will have one hot wire, one neutral wire, and one ground wire per circuit. An open neutral would indicate that the neutral wire, usually white wire, is broken.