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because chloroplasts are organelles that capture the energy from sun light

and convert it into chemical energy in a process call photosynthesis.

and animals cant do that.


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No, there are no chloroplasts in animal cells. Chloroplasts are only in plant cells.

Nothing, chloroplasts are not found in animal cells.

animal cells do not have chloroplasts

there are no chloroplast in a animal cell

Chloroplasts, chlorophyll (in chloroplasts), and a cell wall.

Chloroplasts are not part of an animal cell.

Chloroplasts are found only in plant cells, not in animal cells.

Chloroplasts are in plants.Chloroplasts are not in animals.

Animals are chemo heterotrophs.So they do not have chloroplasts.

Cell wall is not present in animal cell. Chloroplasts are not present in animal cell.

Animal cells do not have a cell wall or chloroplasts.

If a cell does not have a nucleus, then it is a prokaryote. If a eukaryotic cell has chloroplasts, then it is a plant or algal cell. If a cell has a nucleus but no chloroplasts, then it could be an animal cell.

A cell wall and chloroplasts

It produces sugar for the a plant cell cell during the process of photosynthesis. Chloroplasts is not found in an animal cell.

Chloroplasts cannot be seen in animals. No animal is photosynthetic

Chloroplasts conduct photosynthesis therefor an animal cell does not need it.

There are no chloroplasts inside any animal cell. Chloroplasts are only found in plants and some protists.

animal cells dont have chloroplasts. only animal cells.

Animal cells do not have Cell Walls, or Vacuoles, or Chloroplasts.

Lysomes and centrioles are in an animal cell but not a plant. Chloroplasts are in a plant cell but not an animal cell.

An animal cell doesn't contain a cell wall or chloroplasts.

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