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Q: Why educational policies are important?
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What are the policies for an educational institute in India?

One of the policies for the educational institute in India is to be the academic equilibrium with the social ecological and economic environment. The aim of such policies is continuously ensure that there is excellence in education.

What is educational advocacy?

This is public support carried out in support for education reforms or policies. Educational advocacy can be carried out by individuals or group.

What is a normative stage of educational planning?

Educational planning consists of the normative, strategic and operational stages. The normative stage is the one in which policies are developed and formed.

What is educational practice?

Educational practice has been defined in various ways by different scholars. However, most definitions agree that this is the use of educational resources to improve the quality of education through institutional policies.

What has the author Xiaozhou Xu written?

Xiaozhou Xu has written: 'Educational policies and legislation in China' -- subject(s): Educational change, Education, Education and state

What reasons are behind African resistance to colonial educational policies?

In the colonies of the United States there was no education for slaves. It was against the law to teach them to read and there was no resistance to these policies.

What are responsibilities of public health officials?

Providing educational programs Developing policies related to health

What important consideration in framing policies?

importane consideration in framing policies

Why is it necessary to have educational aims?

It is important to have educational aims because how are you going to get a job.

Is educational qualification important in an insurance policy?


Why is it important to follow organisational policies?


Why is it important to have health and safety policies?

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